Vive La France

Project Dance Performs in France

With the recent tragedies in Houston's Sister City, dancers honor Nice with performances in the City of Light this weekend.

By Liz Hardaway July 22, 2016

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Project Dance brings more than 100 dancers from around the world to Paris this weekend as they emulate messages of hope, peace and unity with performances at the famous Place de la Republique square in the heart of the city, not far from the November 13 attacks.

“Hurt and hate are not going to resolve peace,” said Lina Corinth, a member of the Advisory Board of Texan-French Alliance for the Arts and vice president of Houston-Nice at Sister Cities Houston, the organization which recently held a memorial vigil for victims of the Nice attacks at Houston's City Hall.

“We are obligated to leave the next generation a legacy of nurturing beauty and safekeeping, teaching them to feel beauty and goodness in all its splendor. It is our duty [as] citizens of this world to inspire positive change and reconstruct with them our communities, and bring healing to the past.”

Cheryl Cutlip founded Project Dance in 2002, shortly after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, with the goal to heal the devastated streets of New York City through dance. The international and intercultural movement seeks to have a positive influence, bring people together and help dancers achieve their full potential.

Though Ad Deum Dance Company, a group of professional Houston dancers, will not be joining Project Dance in Paris this weekend, members of its corps will be participating in adjunct Project Dance performances in Biel, Switzerland this August. Randall Flinn, choreographer, founder, and artistic director of Ad Deum Dance Company, strives to teach dancers that their talent is for humanity and love, and the company encourages members to dance for hope and redemption.

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