The Married to Medicine Houston Trailer Is Here and It Looks Totally Insane

Starring drama bigger than a Kentucky Derby hat.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen October 14, 2016

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We honestly thought it would never happen. How many times has a Real Housewives–style show for Houston been rumored, or even cast, and then bit the dust? (Answer: several times, trust us, we hear all the rumors.)

Now, an agonizing year and a half after it was first announced, Bravo has officially set a premiere date for the first season of Married to Medicine Houston. And praise be to the trashy TV gods, it looks like a gaudy, drama-filled train wreck. Let's grab some popcorn, shall we?

After opening on the former Enron building (that's definitely not a coincidence, right?) the season one trailer introduces viewers to a diverse cast of six smart, accomplished women who are ready to act totally unhinged on camera.

There's cardiologist Monica Patel, who is obsessed with getting married; plastic surgeon Erica Sato, a newlywed who is struggling with the realities of trying to start a family; dental surgeon Ashandra Batiste, the one who seems to have a great marriage (and who you'd actually want to be friends with); audiologist Elly Pourasef, who gets talked down to because she's not as doctor-y as the other doctors, but you can google her; and Rachel Suliburk, a nursing student and wife of a surgeon just entering the cutthroat Houston charity circuit.

Not listed as a cast member but prominent in the trailer is Cindi Rose, wife of prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, whose appearance ends our decade-long national nightmare of not having any member of the Rose family saying amazing things on reality television. And hey, is that the Houstonia Kentucky Derby Party? Indeed, it appears so. Oh, and also: Is that Houstonia's own publisher, Diane Caplan, making a cameo near the end of the trailer?

Married to Medicine Houston premieres Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. CT—and you know we'll be recapping the insanity every Monday. 

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