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Jim Parsons, so rich he has to wear a tux.

Jim Parsons does not come off like a big-shot Hollywood celebrity. True story: he was the first celebrity I ever interviewed, and I was nervous and had no idea what to say; he was patient, modest, thoughtful charming and a genuine delight.

Plus he was talking to me not to promote his own career, but to help out some Houston friends: after a couple seasons on the breakout comedy The Big Bang Theory, he was coming back to town to promote a fundraising event for the Catastrophic Theater, a group that he had performed with back when it was Infernal Bridegroom Productions. And it wasn't long after that he filmed a commercial talking about why he loved Houston for the city's marketing campaign. Like I'm saying—good guy.

But after a decade in which his show became the most-watched comedy on television, the Spring native is officially a star. And now that the cast has reportedly signed a deal to make two more seasons of The Big Bang Theory, he's also super crazy rich. We're gonna need some Beyoncé money fingers to convey how bad and boujee Jim Parsons is about to be.

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According to Vulture, who ran the numbers:

The main three cast members started out earning $60,000 per episode. In their next three-year deal, that figure was negotiated up to $200,000. For season seven, the trio briefly stopped at $350,000 before negotiating a Friends-sized deal for season eight. Since that time, Cuoco, Galecki, Parsons, and their co-stars Helberg and Nayyar have been earning a cool $1 million per episode.

For seasons 11 and 12, a report from Deadline says the five main cast members are each taking a cut of $100,000 per episode so that additional cast members Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch can be paid a bit more equitably. 

Over a total of 230 episodes, that adds up to a whopping $139.8 million for Parsons—and that doesn't even include extra income from residuals, syndication, and other back-end earnings. Nor does it cover his take from those weird Intel commercials with Michael Phelps. Or his roles in movies like Hidden Figures and The Muppets

It's not quite Oprah money ($3 billion) or Beyoncé money ($290 million) but it's not too shabby.

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