The Art of Organ and Tissue Donation

In honor of National Donate Life Month​, LifeGift found a creative way to spread the word.

By Karen Abercrombie April 13, 2017

Remember those kitschy Paint-by-Number kits from the '50s? (If not, I bet your mom does.) Staffers and volunteers of LifeGift, Houston's organ procurement organization, collaborated with local artist Reginald Adams to create a series of retro-inspired Paint-By-Numbers depicting scenes from the organ and tissue donation ecosystem to raise awareness. Check out the artwork below and learn more about the organization — we think the results are pretty stunning.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Life, innocence, hope, dedication, determination, endless possibilities. The Donate Life Texas 2nd Chance Run, hosted by LifeGift, honors organ, eye and tissue donors in 109 Texas counties in North, Southeast and West Texas. The event celebrates the lives saved, offers hope to those still waiting and raises awareness of the need for organ, eye and tissue donation across the state.

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Out of despair, hope. A family grieves the loss of a loved one. A short flight away, another family receives the joyful news that a life-saving organ is finally on its way. LifeGift Donation Recovery Specialist Javadia Sanford’s mission is to protect this sacred gift, from recovery to recipient, and she knows every second counts.

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Showing your support for organ, eye and tissue donation is easy, just ask this proud supporter. Nearly 10 million Texans are registered on the Donate Life Texas Registry – about 47%, compared to 52% across the U.S. Help bridge the gap by wearing your green Donate Life wristband. Saving lives, always in style.   

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LifeGift pilot Alfredo Vera transports Hope. For Vera and the rest of the crew of Million Air, the official air transportation provider for LifeGift, Hope represents lifesaving transplants and comfort to grieving families. A large majority of Million Air’s aircraft were recently outfitted with the Donate Life Texas logo, a symbol of their commitment to the cause.

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Klarissa Torres is passionate about tissue. The LifeGift Tissue Recovery Technician knows that the donated tissue—including skin, corneas, tendons, bones and heart valves—from a single donor can heal, or even save, over 75 lives. 

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Transplantation is color blind. LifeGift Ambassadors of Hope come in all shapes and sizes, but are united in their mission: to help create a community where every person can make an informed decision to say “yes” to organ, eye and tissue donation.

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Transplantation requires more than people. It requires just the right mix of supplies – fluids, paper, pencils, printers, equipment, and yes, soccer balls. The man behind the ball is LifeGift Purchasing Agent Patrick Patten, who ensures LifeGift personnel have everything they need to perform their lifesaving functions, everyday. 

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Davidcito will never know his sister, Fergy. Before he was born, a car accident took her life away, when she was only 15 months old. But through the miracle of tissue donation, she will touch the lives many people. “He is not here to replace his sister,” says mother Nancy. “He is here to give us love and make us feel alive again.”

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