5 Ways Texans Can Support Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

Today marks five years since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

By Amarie Gipson September 20, 2022

No matter how many tips or warnings are shared, no one is ever fully prepared for a natural disaster. Hurricane season is in full throttle and the first major storm of the season, Hurricane Fiona, struck Puerto Rico on Monday and is currently razing parts of the Caribbean. 

Only five years after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, Hurricane Fiona reignited a state of crisis for Puerto Rico amidst an already unstable political environment. Although it was deemed a Category 1 at its origin, the storm has amassed loads of damage, including intense rainfall and flooding that resulted in power outages throughout the island

Houston’s no stranger to hurricane devastation, so we’ve compiled home-based and on-the-ground resources to support the people of Puerto Rico during this difficult time. Give funds directly to organizations on the island for maximum impact or stop by a local drive. 

1. Brigada Solidaria del Oeste

This cultural organization was established in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. They are currently seeking basics for Puerto Rican locals, including lamps, food, and hygiene kits. 

2. Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico

Food and wellness are the focus of this PR-based organization. Donate funds and mail non-perishables to its PO box. 

3. Hispanic Federation

The work continues for this national advocacy group in Puerto Rico. The Hispanic Federation just launched a campaign targeting issues surrounding the effects of natural disasters on the island. The organization’s Instagram is sharing info about more on-the-ground relief for locals. 

4. NACC Disaster Services

Houston’s quick responders at the National Association of Christian Churches Disaster Service are taking donations of clothing, nonperishable foods, hygiene products, and funds for Puerto Ricans. The Mayor’s office joined these efforts and called for more specific needs

5. Taller Salud

This 43-year-old organization of inspiring women is based in Loíza and is working to gather toiletries and canned goods on the ground in Puerto Rico. You can also give a monetary donation.


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