Hurricane Essentials

5 Essentials to Keep in Your Hurricane Kit at All Times

Keep these five essential items in your hurricane prep kit.

By Jessica Lodge Published in the September 2022 issue of Houstonia Magazine

As residents living along the Gulf of Mexico, Houstonians are no strangers to powerful and terrorizing storms during a hurricane season that lasts through November. But that doesn’t mean that we always know what’s coming. As a newly named storm brews in the Gulf, it can sometimes be disguised as a small tropical depression that quickly upgrades to a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. And once storms of that magnitude make landfall, there’s no reckoning the damage that can be caused: homes destroyed, roads washed out, and even fatalities.

To protect yourself and your loved ones as a storm makes its way toward shore, here are a few essentials that you need for a hurricane kit.

1. Flashlight and Batteries 

Most times, power outages are a major impact during a storm. Stock up on flashlights and portable lights, and keep them ready for use by periodically checking the batteries and keeping more on hand for backup.

2. Portable Phone Charger 

Without power, your only means of staying updated on conditions in your area will be your cell phone. A minimum of two fully charged power banks will help keep your devices juiced up.

3. First Aid Kit

In the chaos of a storm, you may not be able to receive medical attention as quickly as normal. A first aid kit is paramount—filled with bandages of all sizes, medical tape, gauze, alcohol wipes, healing ointment, and medications; it will help hold you over until you can access professional medical help.

4. Cash and Personal Records

Keep cash on hand for filling up at gas stations and other necessities in the absence of power. Also, keep personal and medical records ready to grab in case you are evacuated and displaced for a longer period than expected.

5. Pantry of Canned Goods and Water

There may be times when perishable food cannot be kept cool enough for consumption, or you may have no access to potable tap water. Nonperishables and canned goods such as vegetables, meats, dried fruits, granola bars, and bottled water can keep you nourished for extended periods of time.

For more information regarding hurricane preparedness, visit Harris County's official website.


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