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5 Comedy Podcasts to Help You Escape This Nightmarish Reality

Sometimes you just need to laugh it all off. Here is a list of podcasts (ft. Texas picks) to help make that happen.

By Kyndall Krist July 7, 2017

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Smile through the pain.

Maybe you binge-listened to all of the podcasts in our previous article, 5 True Crime Podcasts to Kill Time While Traveling this Summer, or perhaps the true crime genre really isn’t your thing. Either way, this time we’re lightening the mood with selections from another prolific podcast genre: comedy. 

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If you think YouTube is life: Your Mom’s House

What do you get when two hilarious comedians are married and decide to create a podcast? Your Mom’s House, of course! “Main Mommies” Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky celebrate immature humor and the oddly entertaining—and usually obscene—depths of the internet. While an audio-only version of every episode is available, it’s also fun to watch the YouTube recordings while Tom and Christina show (and make fun of) several video clips in each episode.

Where to Start: For a more recent episode, Episode 398 is packed with hilarity, but if you want to understand the podcast’s collection of countless inside jokes, try going as far back into the archives as you can.

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If you’ve been questioning your decision-making skills: Dumb People Town

If we’ve learned anything from the internet (or the news or reality TV), it’s that there is an endless supply of “dumb people doing dumb things,” and comedians Daniel Van Kirk, Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar know exactly how to spin newsworthy stupidity into an undeniably funny podcast. Each week, the hosts invite a guest—ranging from actors to celebrities to other comedians—to join them in sharing the latest and greatest of humanity’s downfalls.

Where to Start: Episode 23 with guest Tom Segura should not be missed, and Episode 24 includes the story of an Austin-area man who sued his date for texting during a movie.

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If you’ve always wanted history to be funnier: The Dollop

Compared to other comedy podcasts, The Dollop has a unique structure. Every episode features Dave Anthony sharing a different piece of history to his friend and co-host Gareth Reynolds, who is completely unaware of the chosen topic. The subjects range from the Oil Boomtowns of Texas to Harriet Tubman to Uber. Dave’s interest in research, Gareth’s oblivion and both hosts’ status as comedians come together to inspire humorous commentary and a history lesson all in one.

Where to Start: If you crave local history, check out Episode 239 on the Enron scandal, or Episode 263 (recorded live in Austin) about the Dallas-based “Conscious Development” cult that is associated with several unexplained deaths.

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If you need some girl talk: 2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, another comedy match made in heaven, host 2 Dope Queens, which is recoded live at Union Hall in Brooklyn each week. Jessica and Pheobe explore a variety of topics ranging from gender issues, race, romance, everyday life in New York City, hair adventures and much more. Each episode includes a short standup or interview-style segment with at least one other comedian, which offers listeners a fresh, hilarious perspective every time.

Where to Start: Look through the episode descriptions and see if one of your favorite comedians have been on the show. If not, you can’t go wrong with Episode 13 with Jon Stewart, Episode 15 with Ilana Glazer or Episode 36 with Fred Armisen.

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If you crave a home-grown comedy podcast: Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls is a relatively new podcast hosted by Houston locals Michel, Danielle, Sharonda and Jenn. Their uncorked talk show style includes discussions about relationships, politics, sex, social media and uncensored commentary that will make you feel like one of the girls. The episodes usually feature a guest—some local, some not—but the element that really sets the show apart is the different bottles of wine they sample and review each week, which only enhances the podcast’s candor.

Where to Start: Episode 29 discusses a strange Facebook encounter, Episode 41 features their first live show and Episode 38 includes guest Scott Flashheart (who has a great British accent).

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