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5 Things You Must Do This Weekend, Oct. 6–8

Two weird tours, two musical diversions, one (of many) art fairs.

By Morgan Kinney October 5, 2017

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The work of Sania Wafeq, 27, who hails from Afghanistan.

Triumph of the Human Spirit Art Show

Oct. 6 | St. John's School Campus

As we described earlier this year, YMCA International works with displaced refugees to support their artistic endeavors. Featuring artists from Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq and Taiwan, proceeds from the second annual auction will be split evenly between artists and YMCA International's resettlement services. We'd be remiss to not also nod to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, in all its upscale artsiness, occurring simultaneously at the George R. Brown, but, as the saying goes, why don't you have both?

Free. St. John's School, 2401 Claremont Ln. More info at

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A very spooky peek at Galveston's Broadway Cemetery.

Galveston Graveyard Tour

Oct. 6–29 | Broadway Cemetery

In describing a graveyard tour, one could couch the details in a flurry of bad Halloween puns, but the Galveston Historic Tours really gets to the point: "Tales of murder, suicide, and hauntings are told." That's enough for us. You'll walk through the island's oldest cemeteries to visit with the spirits of Galveston's founders, George Childress, and more. 

Tickets $15. Broadway Cemetery, 4001 Avenue K. More info via Facebook

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A hippo-mobile at the aptly named Hippo House.

Houston Weird Homes Tour

Oct. 7 | Various Locations

Satisfy your latent looky-loo with an eight-stop walking/driving tour of bizarre Houston compounds, including the "Hippolotofus Home" that contains over 2,000 hippos and a hippo art car. Among other options, you may also visit the home of the beloved Purple People Eater art car. It's almost as if the type of person to own a weird car is more likely to own a weird home, huh?

Tickets from $30. Various Locations. More info via

Houston Record Convention

Oct. 8 | Hilton Houston Southwest Texas

Self-styled as the "longest ongoing music convention in the country," Houston Record Convention has met six times per year since 1978 to buy, sell and trade music. The 6,000-square-foot ballroom will host giveaways and likely many arguments on the legacy of dearly departed rock legend Tom Petty. We would say you don't want to miss it, but, to be fair, it is held six times per year...

Tickets $4. Hilton Houston Southwest Texas, 6780 Southwest Fwy. More info via Facebook.

The Black Angels / Car Seat Headrest

Oct. 8 | House of Blues

What would the twilight of the weekend be without a case of the Sunday Scaries? Houstonia prescribes the moody stylings of Car Seat Headrest to cure all maladies. The Seattle-based group comes to your ears as an edgier-sounding The National, with a rougher guitar sound. 

Tickets from $20. House of Blues, 1204 Caroline St. More info via

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