Amid Allegations, Day For Night Festival Removes Founder

Omar Afra denies accusations of sexual assault by two women.

By Catherine Matusow August 13, 2018

Image: Marco Torres

That was fast.

On Friday, two local woman published affidavits to Facebook accusing Free Press Houston publisher, Summer Fest founder, and Day For Night Festival founder/CEO Omar Afra of sexual assault.

By Saturday, a petition had been launched: “Remove Omar Afra as CEO of Day for Night & Cease all partnerships with Free Press Houston.”

Then, last night, Day For Night announced via Facebook that it was severing all ties with Afra.

“The creditors of Day For Night were shocked and saddened to hear of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Day For Night founder, Omar Afra. We stand with all victims of abuse.

"The creditors have deemed it appropriate to foreclose on the entity which owns the festival, effectively removing Omar Afra from any ownership or involvement in Day For Night from this day forward. Out of respect for these alleged victims, any announcement about the future of Day For Night will be made at a later date.”

Afra wrote his own Facebook post last night, apologizing to his wife, announcing he was stepping down from Day For Night, and stating that he has “no choice but to fight back against allegations that are patently false,” adding: “It would do no justice to anyone for me to capitulate to lies and fabrications. There is so much more to know about this coordinated attempt but this is clearly not the forum to do so.”

As for how Day For Night should proceed, a commenter had a suggestion a lot of other people in the community seemed to get behind: “Partner up with a local or national advocacy group that specifically helps victims of sexual violence, donate portion of proceeds to said group, and the keep the art coming.”

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