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3 Reasons to Visit Space Center Houston this Weekend

This Saturday brings special activities to celebrate International Science Center and Science Museum Day at Space Center Houston.

By Laraib Hashmi November 9, 2018

This Saturday, Space Center Houston celebrates International Science Center and Science Museum Day. It's an annual event established in 2016 to memorialize World Science Day for Peace and Development. What does that mean? Well, a lot of things, but for the average person, know that there will be even more cool stuff to do at Space Center this weekend. Here's an overview of three things we're most excited for.

Balloons...for science

The Space Center U program offers regular folks an opportunity to join high-altitude—100,000 feet high-altitude!—ballooning missions that touch the edge of space. Through the cameras and instruments mounted on the weather balloons, participants work as a team to explore the upper reaches of the troposphere and stratosphere. Really, short of becoming an astronaut, this might be the easiest way to get close to outer space. Which brings us to... opportunity to meet a space veteran 

If meeting a cool astronaut has always been a goal, today might be the day to make it happen. NASA Astronaut Donald Thomas will talk at the Space Theatre at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. His 1994 Columbia mission set a new flight extent record for the Space Shuttle program, logging 15 days and 6.1 million miles traveled (that's 236 orbits around Earth). How neat is that?

Out-of-this-world virtual reality

A special virtual reality experience is ready for take off. You can discover the beautiful wonders of space and dive into exploring within the realms of virtual reality and see what it’s like when you experience a lunar landing. Discover a red planet, or fly through the International Space Station under the stars. You can even become a scientist within the pop-up science labs where you learn about how satellites get powered in space and conduct experiments with light bulbs. Consider it your chance to experience a day in an astronaut's life.

International Science Center & Science Museum Day, Nov. 10. Tickets from $29.95. Space Center Houston, 1601 E NASA Pkwy. 281-244-2100. More info and tickets at

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