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5 Things You Must Do This Weekend, Feb. 8–10

Are you ready for Critical Bark?

By Morgan Kinney February 7, 2019

As Cardi B once said, "I will dog walk you."

Urban Harvey Fruit Tree Sale

Feb. 9 | Sawyer Yards

Lemons, limes, oranges, persimmons, bananas, avocados, passion fruit, and more—you can grow them all right in your backyard pending a purchase at the 19th Annual Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale, for which proceeds benefit the nonprofit's community gardens, farmers markets, and more. Additionally, there will be Australian Finger Limes for sale, which, apparently, "grows to look like real green fingers." Three cheers for finger citrus.

Free (trees from $12). Sawyer Yards, 2101 Winter St. More info at


Thru Feb. 9 | METdance

At the Raven Tower, one of Houston's weirdest buildings, catch a series of "intimate duets" from METdance's top dancers, who will be performing the work of numerous choreographers, including Taylor Mitchell and Mariana Oliveira. You can enjoy the company's youth troupe, MET too, perform a companion program Saturday afternoon.

Tickets from $22. Raven Tower, 310 North St. 713-522-6375. More info and tickets at

Biophilia: A Dialogue of Nature, Art and Science

Opens Feb. 8  | Houston Museum of Natural Science

Christopher Marley finds beauty in the colors and symmetry of nature, arranging various beetles, snakes, and more into dazzling objects of fascination. Think bugs aren't art? Well, it's good enough for Beyoncé to collect the artist's work, so, perhaps you should reconsider?

Tickets $25. Houston Museum of Natural Science, 5555 Herman Park Dr. 713-639-4629. More info and tickets at

Donkeeboy & Friends Art Show

Feb. 8 | 8th Wonder Brewery

The work of local artist Donkeeboy (Alex Roman Jr.) adorns the walls of Minute Maid Park, Truck Yard, and 8th Wonder Brewery, where he's the resident artist. Catch his quarterly art show at 8th Wonder, where he and fellow artists—including Elizabeth Umanzor, M. Clark, and Sylvia Roman (Donkeemom)—will be set up alongside music from DJ Gonz.

Free. 8th Wonder Brewery, 2202 Dallas St. 713-229-0868. More info via Facebook.

Critical Bark: Social Dog Walk

Feb. 10 | East End

Come Critical Mass, when that monthly horde of cyclists takes over the streets, drivers complain and honk and curse about the resulting traffic. We imagine there will be many fewer complaints as participants of Critical Bark, a social dog walking event, embark upon their 45-minute journey through downtown and back to the East End. Woof woof.

Free. Walk starts at 8th Wonder Brewery, 2202 Dallas St. 713-229-0868. More info via Facebook.

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