This Saturday, It's Doomsday at Market Square Park

Doomsday Wrestling brings its brand of over-the-top WWE antics to Market Square Park this weekend.

By Holly Beretto April 23, 2019

You're in for a wild ride at Doomsday Wrestling.

Greg Vallot, aka Tex Lonestar, has always watched wrestling—and he's always been drawn to its silly side.

“Wrestling is innately silly,” says the creator of Doomsday Wrestling, which makes an appearance this week at Market Square Park. “And we really play that up. We’ve created some great storylines for our characters, and it’s just fun.”

For the Market Square event, which Vallot says the troupe thinks of as its Super Bowl, Doomsday Wrestling has cooked up a doozy of a story. Hot Flash, the Menopausal Mauler, is getting ready to retire. Her fellow wrestlers want to send her off in style, but The Chadster—the reigning champion, one-man panty raid, and never-ending keg stand—is out to rain on that parade.

Expect maximum insanity.

“It’s very comedic, lots of violence, lots of action,” explains Vallot. “It’s a totally interactive party. There’s yelling and screaming for people you love, and a lot of booing and jeering for the ones you hate.”

Vallot says there are seven matches slated for the 90-minute show. But festivities begin before that. Starting at 7 p.m., a DJ will kick off the party atmosphere, and Poodlefloss will have cotton candy available. Onlookers are welcome to purchase food and drink from any of Market Square’s restaurants, and set up chairs or blankets to watch the action. The free wrestling begins at 8 p.m.

For Vallot, who launched Doomsday Wrestling in 2003, and who works at a print shop during the day, the comedy/action troupe has gone beyond his wildest dreams. Always a ham—his word, not ours—he was in bands “that never performed.” When he started the wrestling group, he figured he’d only produce one show.

“I figured 10 people might come, and my mother would be one of them,” he says. “So, all of the success we’ve had has been fantastic. We have about 30 performers now, and we perform all over the city.”

Vallot serves as the announcer for the matches, taking up the mantle of his alter ego Tex Lonestar.

“He loves wrestling more than anyone else,” Vallot says. “And when things go wildly wrong in his matches, it’s to his chagrin. Sometimes, he has to step in and get involved when someone’s trying to ruin this great thing he’s set up. He’s Texan to the bone. And he gives me a creative outlet for all my dumb jokes.”

Vallot says the group’s built up a following over the last 16 years, so the uninitiated might be surprised by the level of fandom they see. Don’t worry, he stresses. If you’re up for fun and craziness, Doomsday Wrestling has you covered.

“It’s absurd,” he says. “And it’s so great to be doing this in the middle of downtown.”

April 27 at 7 p.m. Free. Market Square Park, 301 Milam St. More info at 

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