5 Things: Movie Edition Pt. II

5 More Houston-related Movies to Watch This Weekend

This sequel's got David v Goliath dramas, futuristic cops, and music icons.

By Emma Schkloven April 17, 2020

As we enter what feels like the seventh month of our at-home confinement, we’ve officially caught up on Westworld, watched the premiere of newest Trolls movie on our own couches, and considered taking up soap carving. Now what? Four long weeks ago (seriously, it’s only been four weeks?) we gave you five Houston-related films to check out if you were missing those Bayou City sights and sounds. Well, our memories of the outside world are getting even fuzzier, so here’s five more.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, 1982

A hilarious adaptation of the Broadway musical comedy of the same name, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is based on true events that surrounded the closure of the infamous Chicken Ranch brothel in La Grange. Given that, you might be asking why we’ve included it here. Well, in addition to starring the legendary Burt Reynolds and country superstar Dolly Parton, the film also features Dom DeLuise as a villainous TV reporter intent on shutting the establishment down for good—a reporter that was based on KTRK’s Marvin Zindler, who actually did mount a successful campaign to close the Chicken Ranch. And yeah, that scene where Thorpe loses his wig actually happened.

Where to watch: Apple TV, Google Play, VUDU

RoboCop 2, 1990

No, not Robocop 1. You’ve got to watch Robocop 2 for that H-Town connection. And there’s a lot of Houston in this movie—geographically speaking, at least. Filming locations included the Budweiser brewery on I-10, Main Street, the Wortham Theater Center, Post Oak Boulevard, and Jefferson Davis Hospital.

Where to watch: Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime, VUDU

Selena, 1997

The biographical drama that made Jennifer Lopez a Golden Globe nod, Selena chronicled the Queen of Tejano Music’s epic rise to fame and tragic death at the age of 23. Of course, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is unfortunately not a Houstonian, but the film opens with her final, epic performance at the 1995 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and that’s reason enough for its inclusion on this list.

Where to watch: Apple TV,  Google Play, VUDU, Fandango

Puncture, 2011

Before he picked up his star-spangled shield, Chris Evans starred as a young Houston lawyer and drug addict battling his own demons while representing a nurse who contracted HIV on the job. Based on a true story, this lesser-known indie film also features an excellent supporting cast with Houston native Brett Cullen, Vinessa Shaw, and Michael Biehn (attorney Mark Lanier also appears, playing himself) If that’s not enough, Puncture was shot entirely in the Bayou City, and it shows.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, VUDU, Filmrise, Roku Channel

ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, 2019

Venture behind the iconic beards in this documentary about Houston’s own blues-rockers. Told mostly through interviews with the band, the rock doc covers their Texas roots, long road to fame, and impressive longevity (they just celebrated their 50th anniversary last year). Ironically enough, ZZ Top has a loose connection to another member of this movie list. These badass, shades-wearing, guitar-spinning dudes saw their first major hit with 1973’s “La Grange,” a song about—you guessed it—the Chicken Ranch brothel.

Where to watch: Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime

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