Creativity in the Bayou City

Check out this #HoustonStrong Mural in Midtown

Curtain Mural Houston was painted in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

By Emma Schkloven February 9, 2021 Published in the December 2020 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Image: Amy Kinkead

Some pieces capture the vibe of a neighborhood, while others reflect an area’s culture. But there’s also plenty of art that documents a specific moment in time, serving as a place of reflection and remembrance. Painted in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Curtain Mural Houston in Midtown depicts how strong we are when Houstonians unite.

In the mural, a group of neighbors is literally pulling back a stormy, gray curtain to reveal the Houston skyline bathed in the pink, yellow, and purple rays of a setting sun that stretches from the tops of the buildings out over the nearby bayou. Dotting the expanse is a flock of white doves, a universal symbol of peace.

The best part about this mural? It not only immortalizes a moment that resonates with Houstonians young and old, it is populated by images of real Houstonians. Street artist Emily Ding, who was brought on to paint this commissioned design, featured real Midtown residents on the wall. The long-haired man lives in the building the mural is painted on, while the man in the bandana was cutting the grass on the days Ding was painting. The adorable bandana-wearing dog, Leon, lives across the street from the mural with his beanie-wearing owner, who also makes an appearance.