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Actress Tami Roman Talks Progress and Growth Ahead of New TV Deals

Currently living in Houston, the entertainer details her career thus far.

By Shelby Stewart August 13, 2021

Tami Roman is taking over television with 4 current television shows.

Tami Roman is capturing our hearts and taking over television once again. 

While we’ve come to know Tami Roman through her roles in reality TV, like MTV's "Real World" and VH1's "Basketball Wives," Roman was always in search of greener pastures. 

The reality shows that once helped launch her career eventually felt stifling for Roman, and she wanted to chase her real dream of being a seasoned actress. Through some in-depth soul searching, Roman quickly realized that her happiness had less to do with money and more to do with her mental health and passion projects. 

“I wanted to transition out of reality TV and back into scripted programming. I wanted to build my brand and expand that,” Roman tells Houstonia.  

The entertainer, who has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, decided her time on reality shows had run its course.

“They end up paying you well and you stay longer than you should,” Roman explains. “I think there’s great reality TV out there, but at the time of ‘Basketball Wives’ and that type of dynamic with women, constantly bickering and not really delving into our real lives in their entirety, it felt like I had stayed far too long.”

Leaving reality TV was no easy feat for Roman, who says that she prayed for guidance. Within two weeks of her departure, she was able to have a continuing role on a tv show, “Truth Be Told.” 

Tami Roman is set to appear in two new television shows, "The Ms. Pat Show" premiering Thursday, August 12th on BET+ as well as the second season on Apple TV’s "Truth Be Told," premiering Friday, August 20th 


However, in her absence from unscripted television, Roman sustained her career with multiple television projects 一 her culture disrupting The Bonnet Chronicles,  an Instagram account that highlights her alter ego "Petty Betty," Get Into It With Tami Roman talk show airing on Fox Soul, Carl Weber’s The Family Business, Urbanflix TV’s Vicious where Roman is both an actress and Executive Producer, and BounceTV’s hit series Saints and Sinners.

Offscreen, the Houston transplant has launched other projects including Tami Roman Hair and Tami Roman Love Cosmetics which are now available in Walgreens, according to a press release. Roman is also working on a wine line. 

The reason behind all these new projects? Roman one day realized that the “seven streams of income” people talked about, was something she hadn’t attained yet. 

“Once I realized I only had one stream of income, I realized I had more work to do," Roman says. "More than anything I want to be able to break those generational curses and leave something behind for my daughters so that they can have a chance."

While Roman says she hasn't left reality television behind entirely, she's trading in her confessionals for rolling credits. She's now starring in the new television series, "The Ms. Pat Show," airing on BET+ and Apple TV’s "Truth Be Told," where she is a season regular alongside Octavia Spencer. 

Her roles in these two new shows, along with her impressive roster of other television jobs, didn't just fall out of the sky, Roman laid the groundwork for what she wanted and worked with television veteran Chip Fields to sharpen her acting skills.

“I simply asked for it,” Roman says laughingly. “The preparation was already there because it’s what I knew I wanted. For me, it’s just part for the course.”

Roman says that she “loves all the characters that she plays” and that she’s excited for people to meet both of her new roles as she’s put a lot of work in behind the scenes.

Tami Roman will star in BET+ “The Ms. Pat Show” premiering Thursday, August 12 as well as the second season on Apple TV’s Truth Be Told premiering Friday, August 20.

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