Lauryn Harris’s Latest Ep Takes Listeners on a Emotional Rollercoaster

The Houston songstress talks to Houstonia about the intimate EP exploring the circle of relationships, from romance to solitude.

By Danielle Wright September 1, 2021

Image: Kailyn Harris

It’s seldom to discover a music artist in this era that encompasses one’s truest inner thoughts, moods and feelings yet Houston singer Lauryn Harris dives deep with her EP Touch N Go. The Neo-soul project transcends the listener to her world—a place where reality, relatability and escapism meet. 

“In each of these songs, like in life, we experience something for a little bit. Maybe it's a long time and then all things come to an end,” Harris tells Houstonia. “You take what you can from that relationship and when it's time to go, you go and you thrive on to the next one. Touch & Go was a very appropriate name.”

The EP kicks off with “Sunday Morning (freestyle),” a swift slice of jazzy horns that make the perfect background to an afternoon Metro ride with lyrics, “It’s been a while since you heard that dial tone ring. Catch me now or leave the message at the beep.” As she glides on the record, you begin to wonder if Amy Winehouse is revisiting as a Southern, R&B songstress.

“This song is about new beginnings,” Harris explains. “Sunday mornings are always about my reset of the week. I can just start fresh, start with a clear mind, and I feel like this Sunday morning is really just the reset for this past year in general."

Harris calls up Houston artists Louie Koston and Chief Aleel for a magnetic second track. In “SKURVY,” both successfully merge their distinct sound into a cohesive record with smooth transitions. 

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with a more rap sound because I love listening to a lot of old school rap, so I just thought it would be cool to really play on that,” says Harris “It's a little sample of more things I want to get into musically, just more experimental.”

“Hardheaded” one of the more popular tracks on Touch & Go, and “Petals” featuring rising artist Tobacco Ryan serve as a day and night to the project. “Hardheaded” features a soft guitar cadence while exploring a largely uncharted area of relationships: taking accountability. On the contrary, “Petals” reflects what happens when nothing but the flower’s stem is left.  

“I specifically put ‘Petals’ after ‘Hardheaded’ because for me, I'm the type of person that can be down in the slump for a little bit, but then after I actually go through it, I'm like, what am I actually losing in this?,” Harris explains. “Sometimes you have to realize that you have you at the end of the day and you're going to be just fine without that person and whatever they do wrong, that's going to come back to them.”

“Leaderboard” and “Cocoon” are another pair of obverse tracks. While “Leaderboard” expresses a more confident side of Harris by pursuing someone she loves without pressure, “Cocoon” reveals a more secretive side.

The project then closes out with “Klouds,” a solemn end to the emotional rollercoaster. With lyrics, “Grew wings now I’m too fly. Go left and imma do right. Ain’t no running from time,” Harris is ready to face the next phase of her life with a “know better do better” mentality. 

“I was just really hard on myself,” she explains. “But I think whatever's going to happen is going to happen, your story is already written for you. I like Klouds because it's a more full circle song. Yes, it’s dark, but it brings the project all around cause Sunday morning goes back to new beginnings.”

Touch & Go is available on all streaming platforms.

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