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Who Will Be in This Year's Houston All Stars Astroworld Fest Lineup?

The spotlight set for Houston rap icons has taken different forms in the past

By Camilo Hannibal Smith November 2, 2021

Call him the Mo City maestro, but Travis Scott always knows how to bring out the best in music and put on a great festival.

 In its third iteration, one thing that’s been an Astroworld mainstay, (other than Scott and Chase B raging on stage) is a set that doesn’t go to just one artist or group. The set features a living archive of H-Town’s music history, and that’s the Houston All Stars.

In 2018, Astroworld’s Houston All Stars lineup featured Bun B, Dice Soho, Lil Flip, Lil Keke, Maxo Kream, Paul Wall, Sauce Walka, Slim Thug, Trae The Truth and Z-Ro. It operated like a showcase of Houston’s past and present, the entire roster of rappers were introduced by DJ Mister Rogers. The following year the set was more focused, featuring the elite Houston rap architects like Paul Wall and Lil Keke.

 But no matter how long the list of All Stars is this year, giving a musical slot to hometown heroes is something that comes with every Astroworld.  


 “They’re like the pillars of Houston hip-hop. This culture and this music scene was built off of those acts,” says Donnie Houston, the DJ and producer whose Donnie Houston podcast is a treasure trove of information for Houston music buffs.

 He says it’s important that Astroworld have space on stage for people like Bun B, Slim Thug and Paul Wall to perform. 

 “When [Travis Scott] says ‘rest in peace Screw’, and he brings out Lil Keke and Z-Ro, this is what it’s all about,” Houston says. “It’s important for him to be able to bridge the gap between him and younger generations.”

 Still, making a list of favorite H-town artists is a difficult thing to do. Afterall, the depth of rappers who deserve their spotlight is too much for one concert.

 “There’s only so much Houston hip-hop you can put into a 30-minute set,” says Brandon Caldwell, a longtime Houston music writer.  But to see Travis Scott’s reaction when Z-Ro performs ‘Mo City Don’ is priceless.

 This time around what can we expect?

 It’s possible the remaining Geto Boys might take the stage, especially with Scarface saying he’s retiring from performing. But no doubt Paul Wall, Lil Keke and Slim Thug are more than likely going to be part of the core all-star team to represent for the history of the 713 rap scene.

 Will there be new names to add to this list this year? You’ll probably need a ticket to Astroworld to find out.


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