New Music From Houston Artists, December 4-10

New holiday tunes, country, and R&B.

By Shelby Stewart December 10, 2021

Jamestown Revival released their latest single, "Working On Love."

Image: Jackie Lee

With only 21 days left in 2021, Houston artists are delivering across all genres with projects that are making great arguments for some of the year's best releases. Lil' Keke, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, and Sauce Walka dropped an all-new Houston anthem, and Jamestown Revival offer their latest single, "Working On Love."

Here's all-new music from Houston artists this week.

Lou Ridley, Angel/Outlaw


Lou Ridley's long-expected sophomore effort, Angel/Outlaw details a story of heartbreak and a journey toward healing. Not only does Lou showcase her singing abilities, but her songwriting skills take center stage as she bears her soul on the 6-track EP. 

Le$, Le$ Is More


Ahead of his new album, Houston artist Le$ released a 6-track EP, Le$ Is More. Filled with smooth vibes, the casual, lifestyle rapper gives fans a taste of his beloved signature sound ahead of the release of his highly anticipated E30 LP.

Lil Keke featuring Z-Ro, Sauce Walka, and Slim Thug, "We From Texas"


Every few years, our Houston OG's remind us of the great pride they have in hailing from the Lone Star State. The latest anthem from the Houston all-stars comes from Lil Keke, Z-Ro, Slim Thug, and Sauce Walka. The foursome rap across an infectious beat, making it clear that the South is the epicenter of hip-hop. 

Megan Thee Stallion featuring Jimmy Fallon, and Ariana Grande, "Masked Christmas"


The H-Town Hottie knows exactly how to get her message across, and this time around she's enlisted Ariana Grande and her longtime comedic collaborator, Jimmy Fallon for a new track, "Masked Christmas," to ensure everyone has a COVID-19 safe holiday season.

Jamestown Revival, "Working On Love"


Originally from Montgomery County, Jamestown Revival has worked to become true Houston artists. Produced by Robert Ellis, their forthcoming project is a meticulous work of art that focuses less on instrumentation, and more on the artistry, as reflected in songs like "Working On Love."

Dende, Pregnancy Pack 


Houston artist Dende is truly making a name for himself having been named one of 2021's SXSW artists. The multifaceted musician recently released a new EP, Pregnancy Pack, filled with sensual R&B vibes that are perfect to relax to.

BigZay, "Bonita Applebum"


A unique variation to A Tribe Called Quest's iconic track, BigZay gives the classic a  Houston twist. On the vibey and sensual track, BigZay delivers his verses in a breathy whisper that almost feels like a soft nursery rhyme. 

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