Pepper's Burgers & Sopes

The hamburguesa Mexicana is pretty good, but the sopes are stellar.

By Robb Walsh April 17, 2013

The burger patty was a little dry on my lunch companion's hamburguesa Mexicana at Pepper's Burgers & Tacos at 20th and Durham (2025 N Durham Dr). I went for the chicken fajita sopes, and after a little doctoring, they were outstanding.

The fresh masa boats were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. You could barely see the chicken for all the lettuce, crema, and cojita cheese. After a couple of bites, I realized that my lunch was drastically underseasoned. There is a little salsa bar next to the self-service soft drink machine at Pepper's. I picked up a squirt bottle of green sauce out of a bin that said "picoso." After anointing my sopes with salsa verde, they tasted much better. I highly recommend this spic-and-span little burger and taco joint. Get the sopes or the gorditas. And don't forget the salsa.

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