I paid $7 for a  biscuit topped with sausage and an over-easy egg at Blacksmith this morning. It was a sensational breakfast. Now you might be thinking that you could have two McDonald's egg and sausage biscuits for the same money with enough change left over to buy a cup of coffee. And you would be right. But it wouldn't be a giant flaky square biscuit, spicy butcher's sausage, or a yard egg with a bright yellow yolk. And your coffee wouldn't be a cup of Blacksmith's cappuccino.

The cappuccino at Blacksmith.

The truth is, I did go to McDonald's this morning. There is a Micky D's a little over a mile from my house. I walked there in the early morning while my wife and children were still asleep, bought a cup of coffee, and drank it on the way home. (A two-mile walk is not a lot of exercise, but it's all I could muster this morning.)

I looked at the breakfast sandwich menu for a second, but I decided if I was going to invest that many calories in breakfast, it would have to taste a lot better than a McDonald's egg biscuit.

I also noticed that while I put sugar in my McDonald's coffee, I never bother to add sugar to Blacksmith's cappuccino. Somehow the steaming of the milk cooks it a little so it provides enough sweetness to make the coffee taste great without additions.

Blacksmith is located at 1018 Westheimer at the corner of Waugh.

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