The chorizo and egg breakfast taco from Chacho's was overstuffed and very tasty. The housemade tortillas are made fresh, the scrambled eggs are fluffy and, from 5 to 10 a.m. Mondays through Fridays, most breakfast tacos are $1.49. I got four—chorizo and egg, sausage and egg, chilaquiles and egg, and chilaquiles with egg and chorizo. The whole bag set me back $7.31. The tacos were a little squished by the time I got them to the office, but they still tasted good. And they were so big, I cut them in half and shared them with fellow Houstonia staffers. Did I mention Chacho's has two drive-through lanes?

Chacho's #3
6006 Westheimer near Fountainview

Chacho's has three locations in Houston, and three in its hometown of San Antonio. The Chacho's on Westheimer is the one I know best. It looks like any another fast casual Tex-Mex joint— if fact, I drove by it for years without ever stopping in.

Then one fateful night, I was driving home down Westheimer when a rebellion broke. Two unruly toddlers in car seats were cranky because we had missed dinner. We would have to feed them immediately, but the idea of herding the squealers into a restaurant was not very attractive.

Suddenly my wife swiveled around in her seat and pointed to the restaurant we had just passed and shouted, "Look—that Tex-Mex place has two drive-through lanes!" I banked the minivan into a U-turn around the median and swooped into Chacho's.

The prices were absurdly cheap, but we had no great hopes for the food. We placated the kids with chips and guac until we got home. And then we unpacked our spread of steak tacos, carnitas tacos, and carne guisada tacos on the dining table. The pork and beef stew tacos were surprisingly good, and the steak taco was excellent.

That's how I got into the Chacho's habit. And now that I know about this drive-through breakfast taco deal, it's going to be very hard to stand in line for half an hour at Taqueria Laredo in the morning.

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