The Tornado on Long Point

New name, new menu, new manager.

By Robb Walsh September 23, 2013

The Tornado Burger location on Long Point at Campbell isn't called Tornado Burger anymore. The sign has recently been changed to read: "Tornado Taco." The burger menu has been condensed to a few choices, and the Hellfire and Brimstone burger that was one of picks in the Top Burgers issue of Houstonia back in May isn't even on the menu anymore. 

We sampled Tornado Taco's Mexico City-style street tacos, or "Tacos Estilo D.F."—a bargain at 3 for $5. The al pastor filling was our favorite, and the barbacoa was also excellent. The carne asado, or steak tacos, were tasty as well. The chicken was a little bland, but at least it wasn't dried out.

The menu also includes 11 breakfast tacos at $1.45 to $1.75 that are sold all day. These can be upgraded to the larger size "breakfast burritos" for around twice the price. Burritos, quesadillas, and crispy taco plates with rice and beans are also popular, with a two-taco plate going for $5.

General Manager Oscar Miranda

The new general manager, Oscar Miranda, recommends the steak torta, which sells for $5.50 and comes on telera bread with  beans, cheese, avocado, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and whatever salsas you choose to add. The three salsas are a medium-hot red, a hotter green and a fiery habanero.

The original Tornado Burger on Murphy Road will continue to sell only burgers. Tornado Taco on Cartwright Road in Missouri City only sells tacos. But Tornado Taco #2 on Long Point will straddle the fence and keep selling burgers alongside the tacos, tortas, and burritos. Oscar Miranda thinks the change in direction is really no big deal. "We were selling a lot more tacos than burgers, so we changed the name." 


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