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Kendrick Perkins, NBA Enforcer, Accused After Washington Heights Fight

Former altar boy allegedly slugged brother and sister and kicked them while they were down.

By John Nova Lomax October 11, 2013

When he was a kid back at Our Mother of Mercy church in south Beaumont's Pear Orchard neighborhood, Oklahoma City Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins was once the tallest altar boy in the world and is described as being a practicing Catholic to this day.  But if a recent police report is to be believed, Perkins has a ways to go in learing what it means to turn the other cheek.

According to court documents, the 6'10', 280-pound Tomball resident punched a woman and her male companion in a fight that arose after a fender-bender in the parking lot of Washington strip nightspot Nox this July. Perkins was not formally charged until October 2.

Houston police say that the alleged victims (Miketta Cotton, her brother Ja'Keenan Cotton and another woman named Catherine McGrue) and a car driven by Perkins backed into each other in the parking lot. Miketta Cotton got out of her car to speak with Perkins, but before she could get there, Perkins's female passenger got out of the car and pulled back her ponytail and removed her jewelry, as if preparing to scrap. Cotton reportedly calmed the woman, when Quincy Alpough, Perkins' brother-in-law, emerged from the car and yelled "That's my cousin!" and pushed the victim.

That brought Ja'Keenan Cotton into the fray -- he asked his sister if he was okay. According to the report, that was when Perkins lumbered into the fracas. He allegedly clocked Ja'Keenan with a roundhouse punch and then took out Miketta in similar fashion. McGrue claimed that she was knocked unconscious after taking an Alpough elbow to the throat. 

And then a swarm of people along with Perkins and Alpough kicked all three of them while they were down, the report states. 

Perkins faces a charge of assault and has made his $1,000 bail. He is represented by attorney Matt Hennessy, of DeGuerin Dixon Hennessy and Ward.

"Kendrick Perkins did nothing wrong and I am confident that he will be exonerated.  My client takes these charges very seriously," Hennessy said in a statement. "He is a respectful and kind person and is anxious to address these charges for the sake of his family and his team. We will defend these allegations vigorously in court."  

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