When Life Gives You Lemons

Lemonade Stand a Round

With summer coming, a guide to the most interesting lemon-based refreshments around town.

By Joanna O'Leary April 22, 2014

Salata offers a variety of lemonades including raspberry and green tea flavors.

Summer. It’s coming, I promise, despite the recent bizarre dip in temperatures and icy rain storms.  Soon, we will all be sweating buckets and craving nothing but liquid refreshment. (Well, maybe not all of us. I still plan on eating.)  For a caffeine-free—though not sugar-free—way of quenching your thirst and providing you some Vitamin C, there’s no better libation than an icy glass of lemonade. Plenty of establishments in Houston offer the standard straight-up version, but many more vend some interesting twists on the classic. Here’s a brief guide.

Though customers primarily flock to Salata for bountiful salads custom-made from a buffet of fresh ingredients, regulars will tell you that the perfect accompaniment to your healthy meal is one of the chain’s flavored ’ades, particularly the raspberry, peach, and green tea lemonades.

Frozen hibiscus lemonade at Rosemont.

Another Houston chain with venerable varieties of lemonade is Barnaby’s Cafe, which in keeping with their tradition of serving large portions, serves voluminous glasses of sweet strawberry lemonade.

In the heart of Montrose, Paulie’s retains a loyal patronage for its carefully crafted pastas and sandwiches. Paul Petronella devotes the same level of attention to his soft beverages like the spicy ginger lemonade, whose healthy burns helps ward off any heartburn you might suffer from over-indulging in the rigatoni Bolognese.

And, finally, while any bartender in town can drop a shot of vodka or gin in lemonade for an “adult” version of the beverage, the mixologists at Rosemont Social Club deserve a shout-out for their dangerously delicious frozen hibiscus lemonade made with vodka and hibiscus liqueur. It’s so smooth you might be liable to slurp it down quickly; sip slowly, I warn you, or risk a major cold headache.


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