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Keeping Calm and Caffeinated at Boulevard Coffee

The coffee shop that replaced Waldo's offers a dog-friendly patio and chill vibe along with your cup of joe.

By Natalie Reina August 5, 2014

Photos by Natalie Reina

Fans of Waldo's Coffee House were sad to see the coffee shop close its doors last summer, but luckily for Heights residents who loved the little bungalow on the boulevard, the closure was only temporary. After extended renovations, the brand-new Boulevard Coffee opened in Waldo's place this past March and has been offering quality food and coffee ever since.

Boulevard Coffee
1030 Heights Blvd.

Boulevard Coffee is located, as was its predecessor, practically at the corner of Heights Blvd. and 11th St. Despite the afternoon heat when I visited this week, plenty of people were taking advantage of Boulevard's spacious outdoor patio that overlooks the tree-lined thoroughfare. Of course, they were also using the umbrellas over each table outside to take refuge from the sun. A sign right next to the door—which creaked rather appropriately when I opened it —clarified that the patio was dog-friendly. Indeed, several customers had brought their dogs along with them, perhaps needing a pick-me-up in the midst of their pet's daily walk. 

The inside isn't quite as large as the outside, but it's just as welcoming. Boulevard Coffee keeps its selection of pastries and other food out in the open, on the counter where you order, right in front of its kitchen—you know, just in case you weren’t tempted enough to get something to eat. In addition to those tempting pastries, you'll also find sandwiches at lunch.

Boulevard Coffee carries a variety of drinks both hot and cold, listed on multiple chalkboards above the ordering counter. Among the options are lattes, hot chocolates, white chocolate mochas, and iced varieties of each. I got the mocha latte, even though the price made me hesitate at first. The small size of 12 ounces (the large size gets you 16 ounces) costs nearly $5, but it was worth every penny. The mocha syrup gave it a suitably sweet flavor, but not overwhelming enough to drown out the welcome bitterness of the espresso mixed into it, resulting in a balance of bittersweet flavor that I enjoyed a little at a time.

As for ambience, Boulevard Coffee has all the components: wifi, working space, the scent of coffee. The only thing it’s missing is music. Espresso machines, typing on laptop keyboards, and the occasional chatter are the only sounds in the shop; it's quiet, sure, but relaxing.

These days, parking in front of the shop has become quite limited—only the four spaces right in front of the building are available. If you really want to get close, you'll have to show up close to Boulevard's opening time of 7 a.m., though the ample street parking around the Heights proves well worth the walk.

My only regret is that I couldn’t quite finish the 12-ounce goodness that was my mocha latte, but maybe that makes sense. “Too much of a good thing” and all that.

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