Deja Brew

Our 13 Favorite Coffee Cocktails in Houston

Coffee cocktails are cool again, and we’re totally here for It.

12/01/2022 By Daniel Renfrow


The 15 Best Coffee Shops in Houston

From killer cold brews to complex lattes and eye-opening pour overs, these coffee shops really do have it all.

10/27/2022 By Brooke Viggiano


A Montrose Starbucks Just Became the First in Houston to Unionize

The partners at the Starbucks at Shepherd and Harold voted 11-3 on Thursday to become the first unionized shop in Houston.

09/27/2022 By Daniel Renfrow


8 Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and Non-Basic Alternatives) to Try This Fall

Houston coffee shops are ushering in fall with pumpkin-spiced lattes, cold brews, and more.

09/08/2022 By Shelby Stewart

Canadian Coffee

Canada’s Favorite Coffee Chain is Coming to Houston

Tim Horton's coffee shop and bakery, along the 21000 block of Clay Road, will be its first location in Texas.

09/02/2022 By Alexia Partouche


14 Coffee Shops Made for Getting Your Work Done

Put your thinking cap on at coffee shops that are perfect for remote work such as Agora, Antidote, and A 2nd Cup.

06/24/2022 By Courtney Klashman and Daniel Renfrow


Where To Celebrate National Doughnut Day in Houston

From spooky treats at Voodoo Doughnut to sugary staples at Shipley, the doughnuts on this list are sure to hit your sweet spot any day of the year.

06/02/2022 By Daniel Renfrow and Shelby Stewart

Say Cheese

10 Photo-Worthy Coffee Shops Perfect for a Morning Boost

If you love posing for the camera, these Houston-area coffee shops are just the place for you.

04/13/2022 By Shelby Stewart

Free Spirits

There’s a New Coffee Shop and Dispensary in the Heights

At the North Shepherd location of Wild, you'll find international coffee, infused cocktails, and legal THC.

04/07/2022 By Shelby Stewart

Fresh Brew

Take The Holidays On-The-Go With Dunkin’s New Holiday Menu

New beverages at Dunkin’ include Holiday Blend Coffee, Toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte and White Mocha Hot Chocolate.

11/09/2021 By Craig Hayes

Brewing It Up

3 Fibs Coffee & Wine Bar Opens in the Heart of Downtown

The new coffee shop and wine bar adopts the style of South America and Mexico.

10/07/2021 By Sofia Gonzalez Edited by Shelby Stewart

Pampered Pooches

Houston Will Soon Be Home to European-Inspired Pet Cafe and Boutique

Created by Maria and Bobby Davidson, Pucci will offer special treats for pets and their owners.

09/30/2021 By Sofia Gonzalez Edited by Shelby Stewart

Cup of Joe

Here are 5 of Houston's Jazziest Coffee Shops

Get your roastery fix at one of these unique spots in the city.

08/24/2021 By Shelby Stewart

Food News

Chris Shepherd Makes Big Changes to His Restaurants

Plus, you have only a few more days to get your Roastery fix.

05/11/2021 By Timothy Malcolm

International Coffee

Grab a Classic Cup of Joe at a Classic Houston Diner

Tel-Wink Grill has been a local institution since 1940.

03/04/2021 By Paul Galvani

International Coffee

Did Café Viennois Actually Come from Austria?

Try the delectable combo of espresso and whipped cream at this local French coffee shop.

03/03/2021 By Paul Galvani

International Coffee

It's Time to Try This Thai Coffee

There’re coffee beans in this drink, but you might also find cardamom seeds, corn, or even soybeans in the mix.

03/03/2021 By Timothy Malcolm

International Coffee

Get Vietnamese Egg Coffee at TeaFix

Cà phê trứng is made with coffee, condensed milk, and egg yolk.

03/02/2021 By Paul Galvani

International Coffee

Here's Where to Order a Flat White in Houston

The Down Under drink started making the rounds in Australia and New Zealand back in the 1980s before one famous coffee company brought it to the attention of many Americans in 2015.

03/02/2021 By Paul Galvani

International Coffee

Yes, Caffè Marocchino Is Named after a Fedora

Despite its moniker, the Italian coffee drink has nothing to do with Morocco.

03/01/2021 By Paul Galvani