A cheeseburger and a side of Hot Chili Fries with chili, queso, caramelized onions, jalapeños, and ranch dressing.

Fans of underground burger joint eT Premium Grill will be in for a few surprises when they visit the second location—which opened today in Cypress at 11 a.m.—and not just because this new eT is located above ground. The original eT is deep in the downtown tunnel system under the JP Morgan Chase tower, while the new spot is parked on the busy corner of FM 1960 and Highway 290 in Cypress. Here you'll find an airy, wood-framed interior created by famed designer Michael Hsu (yes, the same Hsu responsible for Uchi) and a pleasant side patio on which to enjoy your burgers and fries.

eT Craft Burgers & Beer
19841 Northwest Fwy.

But those aren't the only changes. The name is different too, now, reflecting one of eT's new signature offerings: beer, and plenty of it. Quite unexpectedly, eT Craft Burgers & Beer is now the best place in Cypress for craft beer lovers, offering growler fills and draft beers not available in cans or bottles—including a few that aren't often found in Houston tap lineups.

Right now, that lineup of a dozen craft beers includes Yellow Rose IPA from Lone Pint (available only on draft) and two selections from Cedar Creek Brewing in Seven Points, just southeast of Dallas: Elliot's Phone Home Pale Ale and a seasonal for the fall, Spinning Mule Robust Porter—a coffee and chocolate-laced porter I tried for the first time yesterday and absolutely adored. In addition, you'll also find favorites from local breweries such as Karbach, 8th Wonder, Southern Star, and more. And yes, there's even Saint Arnold root beer on draft.

The entire kitchen is on display at eT, so you can watch your burger being made from start to finish.

One thing that hasn't changed is the way eT makes and serves its so-called "craft" burgers: patrons line up, choose a beef, chicken, or turkey burger (each burger comes standard with two patties and your choice of cheese), and then get down to the business of selecting their own toppings, Five Guys-style, from a list of significantly more gourmet options than your traditional burger joint. Here you'll find everything from arugula and jalapeño mayonnaise to garlic confit tomatoes and Carolina colelsaw made with tangy apple cider vinegar.

These last two are featured on eT's current burger of the month, the Carolina Confit, which also tops that double-meat burger with blue cheese, honey lime vinaigrette, and ranch dressing. Keeping the patties and the soft, eggy bun (baked fresh in house daily) down to manageable sizes means that despite the excess of toppings, you're not facing an overwhelming mountain of food at eT. I appreciate being able to actually sit down and finish my burger, and have room for the delicious pesto-coated french fries and a pint of beer.

The Carolina Confit burger with a side of pesto fries.

Speaking of that beer: growlers are only $6 to purchase, and eT takes pains to make sure each growler fill will last, filling them from the bottom and using a CO2 system to ensure that all oxygen is removed during the process. I expect many people will be using eT as much for its growlers and draft beer as for its burgers, which eT seems eager to encourage. After all, there's nothing else like this selection in Cypress and the next-closest place to get growler fills is at the Whole Foods all the way at Louetta and Cutten in Champions.

As with the original eT location, you can still call ahead or order online for pickup—but this second location has one more new trick up its sleeve. If you're hosting a party or just bringing dinner home for your friends and family, you can order the Share the Love box that comes with six mix-and-match burgers of your choice and six orders of fries for $49. And if you really want to make it a party, eT will give you two growlers filled with your choice of beer for $75 total (if you bring your own growlers, that is). Purchase your own, reusable eT branded growlers and the cost is $85—but you'll want to bring those growlers in to get filled up again and again.

The new location of eT is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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