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Meatless Monday: Tofu Tacos at Fusion Taco

Chef David Grossman packs Indian and Japanese flavors into his fusion-style tacos.

By Katharine Shilcutt September 8, 2014

Every Monday, Gastronaut spotlights our favorite meatless menus around town.

If you haven't tried Fusion Taco yet, the daily lunch special at the downtown destination is a great time to start. For just under $11, you get two tacos, a side, and a drink. And let me warn you in advance: those sides are huge, and if you order correctly, so are the tacos.

Fusion Taco
801 Congress

As the name would imply, the tacos at Fusion Taco aren't your run-of-the-mill barbacoa tacos with cilantro and onion. Here, the menu ranges from Chinese barbecue pork with roasted corn salsa to grilled chicken satay in a Thai peanut sauce. But my favorite tacos happen to be Fusion Taco's two vegetarian offerings: a Japanese-influenced agedashi tofu topped with crunchy cabbage in a peanut dressing and an Indian-informed masalad tofu "taco" that's actually wrapped in a thick, fluffy piece of naan bread.

It's this latter taco that's enormous, and nearly a meal unto itself. (And if you aren't the vegetarian type, it also comes in a chicken tikka masala variety.) Squares of tofu are fried until crispy and coated in a silky, slightly tart tomato-curry sauce, which is soaked up beautifully by all that naan. If you still have room for your side dish after that and your second taco, I recommend getting Fusion Taco's chips and queso. As noted in our recent Tex-Mex issue, Fusion Taco fries its chips fresh and the creamy queso gets its velvety texture from an industry favorite: Golden Velvet, plus cream and red salsa made in house.

And here's one more tip if you go for that lunch special: go with a friend and have them grab a table while you wait in line. The joint gets super crowded during weekday lunches, and after tasting their tacos you'll understand why.


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