I had originally planned to write this article about my love for The Waffle Bus, Houston’s oft-awarded food truck serving up delicious chicken sandwiches, burgers, and more, switching out the bread or buns for a couple of waffles—genius, right?

Alas, one of my favorite food trucks, which won Favorite Food Truck in the annual My Table awards mere hours before I set out in search of it to grab a photo for this article—and a sandwich for lunch— could not be found. I’m sure you could find it, and I know it is still out there, but as I hopped from Highland Village to Neartown, then Montrose to the Museum District in between errands, I couldn’t spot the big red bus anywhere. I even Tweeted the bus and asked for its location. No reply. (You can, of course, just visit its website for a weekly schedule. Why did I not think of this? I have no idea.)

Then, as I passed in front of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, I spotted a little red food truck in a parking lot across the street. Could this be it? In the very spot I first sunk my teeth into its juicy, perfectly-spiced and breaded, waffle-enveloped chicken sandwich? I pulled in closer. Sadly, it was not. It was a small impostor instead. Next to it, though, sat a formidable grey truck, something you’d expect to see in a dystopian future. The Victorian-esque logo on the truck read, simply, “Doughmaker.”  

We bought a few donuts and dug in. We obviously couldn't pass up the maple glazed donut with a slice of candied bacon sitting right across the top. The pumpkin spice with toasted pumpkin seeds on top also jumped out to our hungry eyes. Doug Le, the truck's owner, suggested we also try the horchata with dusted cinnamon, which was by far our favorite. 

Doughmaker’s donuts are, to my liking, cake donuts, instead of the yeast dough donuts you encounter more frequently. They’re deep fried and then liberally topped with icing (and sometimes bacon). With a hint of a sweet oil flavor, they reminded me of the funnel cakes you get at a small-town fair. And like a good funnel cake, they’re also plump and huge. 

Doug Le started Doughmaker just six months ago, and as a relative newcomer to the food truck scene it is one well worth visiting. But if donuts sound too sweet to you for lunch, you should definitely check out the honey butter-glazed donut with a fried chicken strip on top. Doug tells me this is Doughmaker's best seller. So watch out, Waffle Bus; it looks like you’ve got a little friendly competition. 

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