Bar Rescue

Anvil's Heugel to Take Over Spot Next to Anvil, But Don't Expect More Anvil

While popular '80s bar Etro Lounge relocates, we wait for what's next in Montrose.

07/03/2018 By Timothy Malcolm

Honor To Be Nominated

Most of Houston's 2018 James Beard Award Hopes Dashed

Of the 12 Houston semifinalists, only one advanced to the final awards ballot.

03/14/2018 By Cory Garcia

Far From Old Fashioned

D'Ussé Cognac Didn't Invent the Remix, But It's Making the Most of It

Cognac and music production meet in unlikely ways, with a delicious recipe.

11/21/2017 By Nath Pizzolatto

Stay Frosty

11 Drinks Every Houstonian Must Know

It's not just the air conditioning that gets us through the summers—it's the cold drinks, too.

04/07/2016 By Katharine Shilcutt

Editors’ Picks

Six Restaurants to Try in Spring

Comfort food abounds in north Houstonia, and there are some surprises as well.

12/10/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg


Recipe: What’s Nuttier Than a Fruitcake?

Spoiler alert: nothing

11/30/2014 Photography by Russell van Kraayenburg

Mix It Up

Recipe: Prickly Pear Margarita

Using Texas's best homegrown fruit.

11/05/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Pan Dulce

The Wonder That Is El Bolillo Bakery

Looking for Houston's best Mexican bakery? Look no further.

11/04/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

In Season

Why I Love Canino

Houston's very own produce section

11/03/2014 By Kerry H.


Talking Nightmares With Amanda Stevens

The celebrated romantic suspense author talks about creating imaginary horrors—and recovering from real life ones.

11/03/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Bourbon Caramels, Halloween Candy for Grown-ups

A sweet suggestion for an adult-oriented Halloween

10/31/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Caramel Apples

Halloween candy, one upped.

10/30/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg


Where to Eat Now in Katy

Katy's dining scene is more exciting than you’d guess.

10/29/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Seasonal Brews

Is Saint Arnold's Pumpkinator the Best Pumpkin Beer Ever?

The competition isn't that fierce, but the answer is still yes.

10/28/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg


Make Your Own Gyros at Home

Not your average Niko Niko's gyro (but also not as labor-intensive)

10/24/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Cocktails

Why Not Try a Martinez Cocktail?

Meet the Martinez: father of the Martini.

10/23/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Kitchen Classics

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Only 10 simple steps to perfection

10/22/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Houston Bars

Why I Always End Up at Anvil

Still crazy about cocktails after all these years

10/21/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

It's All Greek

Niko Niko's vs. Aladdin

Who builds the better gyro?

10/20/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg

Autumn Recipes

Recipe: Eggs Beauregard

Eggs Benedict, southern style.

10/17/2014 By Russell van Kraayenburg