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Anvil's Heugel to Take Over Spot Next to Anvil, But Don't Expect More Anvil

While popular '80s bar Etro Lounge relocates, we wait for what's next in Montrose.

By Timothy Malcolm July 3, 2018

Anvil makes fine drinks, but you're not getting a larger Anvil in Montrose. Sorry.

What, oh, what will Bobby Heugel do at the soon-to-be former Etro Lounge?

On June 28, Heugel (Anvil Bar & Refuge, Better Luck Tomorrow, Tongue-Cut Sparrow) typed a lengthy Facebook post explaining he will soon rent the space that currently houses the popular "Big '80s" bar where Max Headroom is part of the iconography and not merely a safety warning. Etro is closing its Montrose location on July 28, then moving to downtown (114 Main St.), and according to Heugel (and thanks to an accommodating landlord), that led to "an opportunity we couldn’t pass up."

That doesn’t mean Anvil is expanding. On the contrary, Heugel wrote: “I love that bar just the way it is, and whatever we do will be done to make sure that Anvil’s identity and consistency is not disrupted in any manner.” So, while he plans something else, we’ll likely not know about it until Etro formally closes. “It would be inappropriate to step on someone’s last days in their space by trying to promote our future plans,” he wrote.

So, we wait.

In the meantime, let's do shots while dancing to 12-inch remixes from Duran Duran's Seven and the Ragged Tiger album.

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