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What We're Ordering Out: Bagels, Noodle Bowls, Cookies

Both the sweet and the savory have homes in this week's roundup of takeout experiences.

By Timothy Malcolm October 7, 2020

Since Covid-19 isn't going away any time soon and restaurants continue to stress alternative options to dining in, we'll bring you each week a roundup of takeout dinners recently enjoyed by dining editor Timothy Malcolm. 

Bagel Bob's NYTX

In early March, Robert Orzo got back into the bagel game by opening Bagel Bob's NYTX at 1011 Dairy Ashford Rd in the Energy Corridor. We all know what happened next, but the good news is Bagel Bob has been surviving and continues to pump out chewy New York-style breakfast breads. There's a light crisp to every bite, while the body of the boiled-and-baked bagels is light and airy. I enjoyed a salt bagel with sliced Nova lox and scallion cream cheese, and I was glad to see yet another contender in the battle for just who makes the best bagel in town.

Better Luck Tomorrow

On Wednesday, Justin Yu and Bobby Heugel's bar and eatery Better Luck Tomorrow announced its re-opening after more than three months in the dark. BLT is now open for weekday lunch; brunch on Saturdays and Sundays; and, of course, daily for dinner and late night. Also, all drinks are half-off before 5 p.m. on weekdays. Takeout is still available through BLT's website, so get those snack-worthy brussels sprouts with smoked garlic mayonnaise or the infamous party melt with crispy cheese. If you opt to come in (or on the patio) for a cocktail or two, you'll be asked to get some grub with your drinks. It's naturally worth it.

Takeout noodle "bowl" and egg rolls (called robot rolls) from Robot Noodle.

Robot Noodle

I was upset when Blackbird Izakaya fell victim to Covid-19, shuttering in July after close to two years of business. But Delicious Concepts, which ran Blackbird along with Ritual and Pinks Pizza, decided to stay in the old spot and bring in a new concept, Robot Noodle. Designed more for app-based ordering (through DC's Roovy app), Robot Noodle specializes in build-it-yourself noodle bowls and ramen. My bowl of al-dente udon loaded with veggies like mushrooms, baby corn, bok choy, and peppers was the kind of meal I could see having on a weeknight when I need a last-minute option. You can also add starters like egg rolls to round out your meal. While I'm sad Blackbird is no more, Robot Noodle is a welcome spot that fills a need for folks in the Heights.

Fluff Bake Bar

Staying in the Heights, on Friday morning Fluff Bake Bar announced a pop-up treat sale. Customers were asked to visit the website to order, then head to Fluff (still fixing some issues before a hopeful reopening) on Saturday afternoon to pick up their goods. I got to the website a hair too late to snag some Couch Potato Cookie Dough ice cream (cookie dough with marshmallows, Corn Flakes, chocolate chips, pretzels, and potato chips), but I did get a box of those undeniable savory and sweet cookies under the same name. They hit real well after a Saturday evening backyard cookout. Chef/owner Rebecca Masson also unveiled an insanely delicious candy-bar-like treat called the Star Crossed Lover, a Rice Krispie treat plus a layer of salted caramel, all coated in a chocolate shell. Keep your ears tuned for the next Fluff pop-up ... these goodies need to be gotten.

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