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Curry and a Pint Night at The Queen Vic

Monday nights at The Queen Vic, get a full meal for $17.

By Katharine Shilcutt November 3, 2014

All your curry needs, for only $17.

Sure, it's 80 degrees outside now. But tonight it'll drop down to a whopping 70 degrees—that's some prime fall weather in Houston, folks. And what better way to shake off that chill than with curry and a pint night at The Queen Vic?

The Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen
2712 Richmond Ave.

Okay, we're not fooling anyone, but here's the thing: weather aside, curry and a pint night on Monday evenings is the best time for the deal-savvy diner to experience The Queen Vic. Normally, the curries are served a la carte. That is, your Goan fisherman's curry (my personal favorite) or your lamb vindaloo are served on their own, without any rice or naan or raita or chutneys of any kind—which run an additional $10 for all four. Alas. And considering the curries here range from $13 to $16, this may be a turn-off for those watching their wallets.

A Shmaltz beer in a Goose Island glass.

But on curry and a pint night, you get everything you need for a complete meal for only $17. A very generous portion of chicken tikka masala—the house curry served on Monday nights—comes with two slices of hot, slick naan; a bowl of cumin-scented, fluffy basmati rice; and a ramekin of tangy raita. All of this, plus a beer of your choosing from the pub's extensive draft menu.

Last Monday, I enjoyed my curry with a pint of Death of a Contract Brewer, a black IPA from Shmaltz Brewing Company's He'Brew line of beers. With seven different hops and seven malts, the IPA (which is arguably more of a hop-centric stout than an IPA thanks to those malts) certainly stood up to the tikka masala.

If you miss tonight's $17 curry and a pint night, however, don't despair: The Queen Vic also has a weekday happy hour menu from 4 to 7 p.m. that's full of deals, including a killer lamb keema poutine that's only $7 and perfect for when our real cold weather finally rolls around.


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