Best Bars 2014

Houston’s 5 Most Romantic Bars

Get a little bit closer at these flirty favorites.

Edited by Katharine Shilcutt By Dan Derozier, Catherine Matusow, Chris Abshire, and Sarah Rufca Nielsen November 30, 2014 Published in the December 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Bar Boheme


The Rooftop Bar at Tremont House Top 10

Wednesdays through Saturdays, weather permitting, settle into one of the comfy sectionals with a glass of wine and a cheese plate and revel in the nightly spectacular that is the sun setting over the Strand (after you find your way upstairs through the hidden door, that is). The Rooftop’s minimalist decor somehow manages to feel cool and inviting without distracting from Mother Nature’s nightly show. Oh, and on Friday and Saturday evenings, head down to the Tremont’s lobby bar for some first-rate live jazz.

What to get: Either wine by-the-glass or the pomegranate martini
Don’t miss: Spiced nuts; panoramic photo ops of downtown Galveston that will have your Facebook friends seething with jealousy

Bar Boheme

This much-loved Montrose hangout is the place for couples with a taste for sangria, frozen mojitos, and an ambiance that’s très—well—bohemian, complete with eccentric touches like a chandelier constructed of wine bottles and an ancient piano. Whether inside or on the vast patio—with its plants, twinkling lights, and nooks and crannies aplenty—you’ll find Boheme a lovely spot for a romantic night out. 

Don’t miss: Vietnamese fries from the food truck out back
Listen for: The cool Latin soundtrack

La Carafe

There’s something about taking a seat here—a seat taken by so many before—that makes this downtown legend a dreamy place for having long discussions on the meaning of life while staring longingly into a paramour’s eyes. La Carafe’s ancient decor, old-timey cash register, and candles somehow combine to create an atmosphere that’s certifiably sexy. 

Don’t miss: The second-floor patio’s spectacular views of Market Square Park and many a failed parallel-parking attempt; the ATM (the place is stubbornly cash-only)
Listen for: Tunes from perhaps the town’s most adored juke, and its playlist of old R&B, country, and classic rock

Rosemont Social Club

A single slatted wooden railing somehow manages to impart a feeling of seclusion to this bar’s rooftop patio overlooking Westheimer and Montrose, making it a natural spot for couples, who canoodle under canopies and at long, candlelit wooden tables. Along with its spectacular cocktails, Rosemont serves dependable flatbread pizzas for lovers with a hunger for more than each other, and a cozy inside area for those chilly winter nights. 

Don’t miss: Frozen adult lemonade (get it with a hibiscus topper); Tuesday evenings, when a bottle of wine with a flatbread is just $20
Listen for: An improbably alt-rock soundtrack

Simone on Sunset

Blink and you just might miss this tidy little spot shrouded in fairy lights and vines, tucked away on Sunset just off Kirby. Simone is where folks from the neighborhood and beyond gather for bottles of wine, cocktails, and very good pizzas, all presided over by chef/owner Kristen Powell. The intimate space makes for a nice, relaxed date night indeed.

Don’t miss: Mondays, which bring burger night, plus happy hour until midnight
Listen for: The digital jukebox spinning alt-rock and pop

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