13 Celsius


Camerata Top 10

Sommelier and friendly face David Keck has quite simply created the wine bar version of Cheers. Not only does everybody know your name at this Montrose establishment, your drink order’s on speed dial too. That’s not to say that Camerata’s smart, engaging bartenders won’t encourage you to try something new, something a little outside your comfort zone, something unusual. If you’re game, it’s a sure bet that you’ll leave more educated (not to mention more buzzed) than when you arrived.

What to get: The salumi and cheese plates, which somehow pair perfectly with everything
Don’t miss: Whatever Savennières the bar is currently stocking—it’s guaranteed to be among the best whites you’ve ever had

13 Celsius

Long considered the city’s wine bar standard-bearer, this Midtown charmer has been challenged by young upstarts of late but remains ground zero for serious dates and serious drinkers, the latter of whom come for 13 Celsius’s well-curated, seasonal by-the-glass selections.

Don’t miss: Half-off open bottles on Sunday afternoons; the intimate patio

The Tasting Room

Uptown Park birthed one of the city’s best wine bar concepts, a place that feels nice but just casual enough. It’s been more than a decade since the first Tasting Room opened, and a mix of office types and lady-lunchers still crowd the idyllic, ivy-covered patios, making them ideal for people-watching through a glass of chardonnay.

Don’t miss: The mean Sunday brunch (especially for a wine bar) at all locations
Listen for: Earnest acoustic guitarists performing live most nights

Crush Top 10

It’s another wine bar, at least technically, but the real draw here is the fiercest rooftop party around, complete with a double-decker patio overlooking the The Woodlands Waterway—a serene idyll that in no way reflects the joyous mayhem at Crush, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

What to get: Select expensive bottles of wine on Tuesdays, when they’re 50 percent off or more
Don’t miss: Latin nights on Thursdays, during which DJs play rumba on the rooftop and everyone—everyone—dances along


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