Chef Austin Simmons is back at Hubbell & Hudson in The Woodlands.

Image: Todd Spoth

Each Friday, Gastronaut rounds up the most notable openings and closings of the week.

This week, Swamplot reported on the impending closure of Heights wine bar The Boom Boom Room, known as much for its colorful interior as its red pepper hummus and panini. Owner Jackie Harris tells Swamplot that a restaurant group from the "Heights-Montrose" area will be setting up shop in its place after the boom is lowered on the Room. Which, as it happens, is tonight—your last time to visit before it's gone for good.

Swamplot commenter Old School encapsulated the whining and moaning around The Boom Boom Room's closing with aplomb:

When this place opened, there was a “oh no, here come the yuppies” reaction. Now, years later, it is closing and people are complaining about how the Heights is losing its character. Basically, a reprise of “oh no, here come the yuppies.” It is really just the process of yuppie sedimentary rock formation. Yuppies get older, have kids and become boring. Their hangouts go out of style and go out of business. Then, the next layer of yuppies comes in and opens new businesses and the prior layer of former yuppies groan about the neighborhood losing its character.

In openings news, Hubbell & Hudson Bistro in The Woodlands is set to reopen December 1 after a brief hiatus for remodeling. In its previous format as part of the now-closed Hubbell & Hudson grocery store, the Bistro—under chef Austin Simmons—was our favorite restaurant in The Woodlands, standing out for its creative and innovative dishes such as cold-smoked escolar with edible flowers and foie gras crème brûlée.

Luckily, Simmons is sticking with the updated Bistro—attached grocery store or not—and with good reason: as the restaurant explains on its website, "the bulk of the renovations [are] focused on 'Chef’s Table,' which will serve as a culinary playground for Chef Austin." In addition, multiple private dining rooms will provide event space for 90 diners, while the restaurant's main dining room will continue to seat 70. The Bistro is already accepting reservations, as it reopens just in time for the holiday rush.

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