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The Favor App is Making All Your Delivery Dreams Come True

The Austin-based app comes to the rescue of hungry Houstonians.

By Natalie Harms January 22, 2015


You'll never have to pack anything but your phone for your next picnic with Favor. " data-image-selection='{"width":1920,"height":1440,"x1":0,"y1":0,"x2":1920,"y2":1440}'>

Image by: Favor

You'll never have to pack anything but your phone for your next picnic with Favor.

It’s happened to everyone. You’re starving, but you forgot your lunch and can’t step away from what you’re doing. You think of three options: calling Jimmy Johns and enduring its sometimes not-so freaky fast delivery service, ordering an entire pizza (of which you will definitely eat too much), or dying from starvation and decomposing right there at your desk.

$6 delivery fee
(waived with promotional code "CLUTCH" for your first order) 

Enter: Favor, your personal delivery service.

Favor originally launched and is still headquartered in Austin. Since the summer of 2013, however, the app has expanded to Dallas and Boston, and now—as of this month—Houston. You can order your Aka Sushi or a slew of Jus’ Mac right to your home or office... as long as you’re in the Rice Village, Downtown, Midtown, or Med Center areas (you can check the map online for the specific zone of operation). For now, the service is available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

The founders, Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty, are former pizza delivery guys. The idea for Favor originally began when the two were undergrads at at California Polytechnic State University, but the app became a reality after they both moved to Austin.

“It’s amazing to see the system we’ve built from scratch being used by so many people,” Maurais said in a press release. “In Austin, nearly anywhere you go for dinner or lunch, you’ll see a Favor Runner picking up food in their blue tuxedo shirt.”

Image by: Favor

You can spot the Favor delivery angels, I mean runners, by their blue tuxedo shirts.

While the service is used mainly for ordering foodand brags a 95 percent approval rating from its customersthat isn’t its sole use. Favor runners will pick up virtually anything (within the area of operation, and within reason) in under an hour for the same $6 delivery fee.

The app encourages referrals, so make sure to convince your friends if you love the service—this is how you can earn free deliveries. In celebration of the launch, your first delivery fee is waived if you use the code “CLUTCH.”

You’ll never have to lift a finger againwell, maybe just to tap the app on your phone.  

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