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The Space City Weather App Is Finally Here. Now Go Do an Anti-Rain Dance

Will we ever see the sun again? Plus news about the “Be Someone” bridge and George Lopez. 

By Catherine Wendlandt June 4, 2021

The Space City Weather App Is Here in Time to Tell You It’s Raining. 

Earlier this week, we joked about the shrine that some Houstonians ~might~ keep to Space City Weather pros Eric Berger and Matt Lanza in their attics. Well, now those folks can keep their shrines right in their pockets. 

What do we mean? The Space City Weather phone app is finally here. The free, ad-free app—yesss—is available for download on IOS and android, and is here right in time for hurricane season, not to mention the torrential rains we’ve been getting lately. 

When you open the app, which of course we’ve already downloaded, you’re greeted with the current weather conditions, hourly and seven-day forecasts, recent SCW posts, and the National Weather Service’s current radar. 

And since this is Houston, right at the top of the page is the current humidity levels—if you couldn’t tell from stepping outside. Plus, keeping with the hyper-local news that’s ingratiated SPW into the hearts of Houstonians and the shrines in their attics, the app allows folks to switch between different forecast zones: Houston (IAH), Hobby, Conroe, Galveston, and Katy. 

You can also access older SCW posts and NWS discussions, which “provides a nice supplement to Space City Weather, and offers a slightly more technical analysis of the forecast,” writes Dwight Silverman, on other pages. And you can sign up for push notifications about storms and flood levels. This really is the future. 

Now, time to do a rain dance … err, anti-rain dance … for the sun to come out again.  

Order George Lopez’s Tacos. 

It’s no secret that Houstonians love celebrities, whether they be locals or transplants. And no time is that clearer than when food is involved. 

Seriously, if a celeb opens a new restaurant, collabs with an eatery for anything, or even just shows up somewhere, we freak out. Case in point: Anytime Shaq visits Houston, we know where he ate. We’re shameless. 

So, when we found out comedian George Lopez was launching a street taco, delivery-only restaurant, called George Lopez Tacos (we know, it’s very straightforward), we were all in. According to a Chron report, the virtual joint opens June 8, and Houstonians will be able to order the Lopez-designed tacos via Nextbite.

Are We Losing Another Landmark? 

Here’s another non-secret: Houston’s not great—and by that we mean remarkably bad—at saving and reviving landmarks. It feels like more often than not we’re reporting on old theaters going under, folks desperately trying to keep the Astrodome from getting paved over, or storied Houston locales being shuttered to make way for larger chains. 

So what’s next on the chopping block? Maybe the “Be Someone” bridge. 

The iconic graffiti sign has been inspiring Houstonians driving down I-45 since 2012. And although it’s only been nine years, “Be Someone” has become a mantra almost synonymous with the Bayou City. 

However, as first reported by CultureMap, that mantra could be disappearing. 

The sign saw multiple evolutions over the past year, switching to “Wash Ur Hands,” “George Floyd,” “#SaveOurChildren,” and “Vote or Die,” depending on what was happening in the news. It always, though, returned to the iconic “Be Someone.” 

But, that might be changing. Earlier this week, after the sign was vandalized and painted over, its anonymous painter posted what could be construed as as a farewell on Instagram, writing, “Go out there and do it for your own sanity, your own Joy and spread the love! Even if we don’t paint the bridge anymore we will still continue to put in work!” 

While this news is more of a damper than all the rain, sometimes landmarks indeed get saved, and the "Be Someone" folks did leave us with a glimmer of hope: "We'll see where the road leads us and I hope y'all continue to ride with us."

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