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Space City Weather Is Getting a Phone App

The guys behind Houston’s favorite weather service hope the new app will be ready by hurricane season.

By Catherine Wendlandt February 10, 2021

Everyone knows the struggle: You open your phone’s weather app, and it says it’s sunny and 75 degrees. Then you step outside, and it’s 50 and pouring. The sun nowhere to be seen.

It’s a common joke that the weather guy is never right, but, Houston, our weather forecast is about to get brighter.

On Wednesday, everyone’s favorite weather guys, Matt Lanza and Eric Berger of Space City Weather, announced the online “hype-free” forecasting site is developing its very own Houston-centric weather app.

On it, you’ll find Lanza and Berger’s daily blog posts, alerts, local weather info, and more, writes Forbes consumer technology writer Dwight Silverman*, who’s leading the development.

“Let’s put it this way: For residents of the greater Houston area, it’ll be a must-have,” Silverman writes. “If you live in, say, Minneapolis . . . not so much!”

Berger and crew first began to get wind of a possible app last September, in the days following Hurricane Laura, when Arnold Ventures reached out. The group gave Space City Weather $25,000, and now they’re working with developer Hussain Abbasi to build the app itself.

Because many Houstonians have come to rely on Space City Weather for storm updates, the goal is to have the app, which will be available on IOS and Android devices, ready and downloadable by the start of this year’s hurricane season on June 1.

Until then, we’re on cloud nine. 

*A previous version of this story said Silverman worked at the Houston Chronicle. While he previously worked there, he currently works for Forbes.

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