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Another Chicken & Waffles Contender Enters the Octagon

Jonathan's the Rub has added the popular special to the menu on a full-time basis.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 11, 2015

Chicken and waffles get souped up with the addition of cheese grits at Jonathan's the Rub.

In the February issue of Houstonia—the one with that juicy fried chicken on the cover that's all about the city's best comfort food—we pitted two of the city's great chicken and waffles joints against one another in a battle royale: The Breakfast Klub and The Original Timmy Chan. I won't spoil the outcome of the match for you, but I will say this: if the new chicken and waffles dish at Jonathan's the Rub had been on the menu when we went to press with the February issue, the battle may have looked very different.

Jonathan's the Rub
9061 Gaylord Dr.

First things first: these aren't your everyday chicken and waffles. See that layer between the waffles and the chicken? Those are four-cheese grits, which chef/owner Jonathan Levine usually serves with his blackened shrimp and scallops at lunch. They're scooped on top of Belgian waffles that Levine makes with "high-fat butter and then really nice vanilla," according to the cute behind-the-scenes video the restaurant recently shot. On top of all this goes a butterflied, buttermilk-dunked, battered, and fried chicken breast, and then the pièce de résistance: real-deal Canadian maple syrup. No maple-flavored sugar water here.

Levine's creation costs $15 and is currently only available at lunch, and though I haven't tried it myself yet, you can probably guess that I'm heading to the Spring Branch hotspot next week. Will they best notable chicken and waffles champions The Breakfast Klub and Timmy Chan? We shall see. Until then, check out our February issue and our list of the city's five best "fancy" mac 'n' cheese dishes; Jonathan's and its five-cheese mac made the cut, so you know they know good comfort food.


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