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Dinner and a Movie: Catch Chef at Kris Bistro

You'll be ready to dive into dinner after a screening of Chef this Thursday.

By Katharine Shilcutt March 2, 2015

Yes, you could watch Chef yourself at home this week if you have Netflix. It's sitting right there in the new releases section—that is, if you can tear yourself away from the third season of House of Cards or watching the single, perfect season that was Firefly for the tenth time.

Kris Bistro
7070 Allensby

But a movie like Chef, which follows Jon Favreau's exceedingly idealized tale of a professional chef departing a high-end restaurant career for the foibles of life aboard a food truck, demands a slightly more thoughtful spread than your normal watching-Netflix-at-home smorgasbord of Bugles and Cherry Garcia. You can't watch a movie in which plates of food are afforded the same lavish attention and flattering lighting as an aging diva and not come away hungry for something more substantial than a quickly melting pint of ice cream afterward.

Enter Kris Bistro, which is hosting a screening of Chef this coming Thursday, March 5, followed by a dinner from the restaurant's new spring menu. The movie starts at 6 p.m., complete with refreshments and popcorn, which—like the screening itself—are free. It's just one of the many screenings taking place as part of the Culinary Institute LeNotre's series, Culinary Movie Nights (look for Haute Cuisine, Like Water for Chocolate, and Julie and Julia in coming months). Chef will be shown in the Culinary Institute's in-house Crump Amphitheater, after which attendees are invited to walk a short distance to the Culinary Institute's in-house restaurant, Kris Bistro, where culinary students under the direction of chef Kris Jakob will be serving dishes Moroccan grilled Akaushi sirloin and duck confit gumbo.

Reservations for dinner can be made by calling 713-358-5079. Just don't fill up on that free popcorn.

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