I think we can all agree the worst part of a plate of biscuits and gravy is that neither the biscuits nor the gravy usually measure up to the homemade stuff, Lankford Grocery existing as one of the city's sole exceptions to this rule. Hard, dense biscuits and cream gravy that's little more than cornstarch, flour, and water tarted up with some pepper (you're better than this, pepper): this is what you'll find when you make the mistake of ordering biscuits and gravy at most restaurants, sad to say.

Enter the sausage and gravy kolache at Kolache Factory (though, technically, kolache = filled with fruit; klobasnek = filled with meat). A tribute to our Texan proclivity for stuffing the Czech klobasnek with all manner of Lone Star favorites, this little breakfast ball is also the most convenient way to eat biscuits and gravy on the go. Let them warm it up for you behind the counter before biting into the sweet, buttery, chewy dough that's the Kolache Factory's signature so that the illusion of eating an inside-out plate of sausage and biscuits drenched in creamy gravy can be complete.

If you're one of those poor, unfortunate souls who thinks that biscuits and gravy makes as much sense as macaroni and cheese (that is, that the creamy, carb-heavy pairing is both redundant and disgusting), Kolache Factory has other options for you, bless your heart. My favorite is the jalapeño popper variety, a take on the bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapeños we like to throw on the grill alongside some freshly-killed dove or quail. There's also a barbecue beef-stuffed iteration and one with spicy scrambled eggs, ranchero-style. Let it never be said that Kolache Factory doesn't know the way to a Texan's heart at breakfast.



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