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Deal With It: Eatsie Boys Is Closing April 30

And moving in to its Montrose spot? Melange Creperie.

By Katharine Shilcutt April 21, 2015

Ryan Soroka and Matt Marcus at 8th Wonder Brewery

Two and a half years into a successful run as a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Montrose, the Eatsie Boys is closing its doors and returning to its food truck roots. Even if you're upset to lose one of the best patio brunching spots in the area, you can hardly blame them: owners Ryan Soroka, Matt Marcus and Alex Vassilakidis recently signed a deal with Silver Eagle Distributors to take their other project, 8th Wonder Brewery, in a big new direction that requires their full attention.

That said, the shady patio spot next to The Black Lab isn't going to be tenantless (or brunchless) for long: Melange Creperie owner Sean Carroll is moving in, finally securing a brick-and-mortar space of his own after making crepes street-side for five years. It's not yet clear exactly when Carroll will be crafting crepes at the new spot—there's some remodeling to be done first and foremost—but two to three months seems as good a guess as any.

As of May 1, the 8th Wonder taproom will be the only place to get your Eatsie Boys fix.

Meanwhile, Soroka says that Eatsie Boys isn't gone for good—it's simply going to be parked at the 8th Wonder Brewery taproom, which is now open seven days a week. "Eatsie Boys will be there Wednesday through Sunday, unless booked for a catering gig, in which case we will have another truck come and serve," he says. But wait, there's more: "Saturday and Sunday will be Brewery Brunch."

The so-called Brewery Brunch will offer new specials every weekend when the taproom opens at noon on Saturdays and Sundays. And during the week, look for other specials, says Soroka, as the busy brewery builds an even stronger base in the East End. "We'll have some classic truck items, a few cafe items, and really push hard on a new taproom menu, with wing nights, burger nights, steak nights."

And whither Eatsie Boys chef Matt Marcus without a full-time restaurant? CultureMap reports that Marcus will be taking a brief sabbatical to follow jam band Phish—which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows the chef's deep and abiding love of the band—before returning to Houston to figure out what happens next.


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