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Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Blue Bell Returns to Stores

H-E-B has started stocking the beloved Brenham-based ice cream once again.

By Katharine Shilcutt April 14, 2015

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Let's get back to the business of living, Blue Bell nation! | Flickr user Lars Plougmann

Everyone relax. Your precious Blue Bell ice cream has returned to store shelves at H-E-Bs across Texas—the ice cream so idolized that some of you were willing to consume the frozen dessert despite the risk of listeria poisoning (#idregretnothing #itsworththerisk), which sickened three people in Texas and was linked to the deaths of three people in Kansas. Somehow, no one was this upset when 30,000 cases of listeria-tainted Sabra hummus were recalled, but I get it. This is Texas. Blue Bell is life. (Please don't revoke my Texas citizenship when I swear to you that Graeter's is better, even if it's from Cincinnati.)

Anyway, H-E-B announced on Facebook this morning that it had disposed of all the recalled Blue Bell ice cream (which, it should be mentioned, was manufactured in their facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma—not in Brenham) and replaced it with fresh, delicious, non-listeria-tainted Blue Bell ice cream.

Those of us shopping at Fiesta, meanwhile, have probably noticed that the Houston-based grocery chain never had to get rid of its own Blue Bell stock, all of which was manufactured in Brenham. Meanwhile, to the relief of English majors everywhere, it looks like all those other grocers and convenience stores can finally start taking down their "CAN NOT SALE" signs. It's a great day for us all.


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