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Houstonia's Summer Six-Pack Is Hitting Whole Foods This Week

Shake off summer's scorching heat with our top six picks from Houston's best breweries.

By Katharine Shilcutt July 27, 2015

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Pick up a Houstonia summer six-pack to split with your friends in front of your Scooby Doo van, or whatever else you do on the weekends.

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It's hard to believe it's only been a year since Houstonia released its first seasonal six-pack, a curated selection of the best Houston craft beer (at least the stuff that's in bottles and cans, ahem, Lone Pint...) of the summer. That inaugural six-pack mixer was introduced in partnership with Whole Foods Market to celebrate the release of Houstonia's big craft beer guide, and both the magazines and the six-packs of summer beer flew off the shelves as fast as Whole Foods could stock them. This past winter, by popular demand, we released a winter version of our seasonal six-pack, and you can guess what happened next; that's right—they were all snatched up for Christmas gifts and holiday parties.

So this year, we're taking things one step further with the new seasonal summer six-pack that's hitting Whole Foods across Houston this week: the six-pack will feature two phases, the first with current summer seasonals and the second with shoulder-season brews that will help you bridge those sweaty weeks between summer and fall. Additionally, Whole Foods will be hosting two tap takeovers and a big beer dinner on August 8, which should guarantee that everyone who wants a sample of this sampler pack will get their whistle wet (wetted?).

What's in the six-pack this season? Some old favorites and some new brews looking to make their mark. You may notice that both phases are a little Belgian-heavy, with two wits and a grisette (that's the Walloon) in the first phase and an additional wit (the newest Icon Gold release from Saint Arnold) in the second phase, but that's what Houston's breweries are producing these days. Besides, a crisp saison or a citrusy witbier couldn't pair more perfectly with our summer months.

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Phase 1:

  • Saint Arnold Summer Pils (can)
  • Saint Arnold Icon Green Amarillo Hefeweizen (bottle)
  • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Great White Buffalo (can)
  • Karbach Staycation (can)
  • No Label Forbidden Lavender Wit (bottle)
  • Southern Star Brewing Walloon (can)

Phase 2:

  • Saint Arnold Lawnmower (can)
  • Saint Arnold Icon Gold Wit (bottle)
  • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Great White Buffalo (can)
  • Karbach Weekend Warrior (can)
  • No Label Forbidden Lavender Wit (bottle)
  • Southern Star Brewing Walloon (can)

Tomorrow night, the WFM at Voss and San Felipe is hosting a tap takeover at their in-house bar starting at 6 p.m. to celebrate the launch of this summer's seasonal six-pack, where you'll be able to taste all six of the beers in our Phase 1 line-up before the breweries inevitably run out of stock and switch to the next brews in their own line-ups (hence the Saint Arnold and Karbach swaps between Phases 1 and 2). The WFM on Wilcrest and Westheimer will be hosting its own tap takeover this Friday, July 31.

And on August 8, the WFM on Voss will be hosting a special beer dinner that pairs our six-pack with a six-course meal designed to complement each of the six brews:

  • Squash zucchini crostinis paired with Saint Arnold Lawnmower
  • Smoked oxtail cheesy mushroom soup paired with Southern Star Walloon
  • Grilled nectarine arugula salad paired with Saint Arnold Icon Green
  • Blue cheese bechamel buffalo sauce chicken with beer gnocchi and heirloom tomato salsa paired with Buffalo Bayou Brewing Great White Buffalo 
  • Sea scallops with rosemary, thyme, lavender and citrus zest paired with No Label Forbidden Lavender Wit
  • Melon ball freeze garnished with fresh strawberries paired with Karbach Staycation

Tickets for the upcoming Whole Foods Voss beer dinner are $50 and can be purchased through Eventbrite, and after seeing the courses I have a feeling this dinner will sell out fast.


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