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Celebrate Out of the Box: Waffle Wednesday

Get over Hump Day with a decadent treat from Cloud 10 Creamery complete with house-made waffles.

By Megha Tejpal August 26, 2015

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Image: Megha Tejpal

Indeed we all do scream for ice cream in Houston; with temperatures over 90 degrees almost every day, it's hard not to. Sandwiched between two cookies, topped with hot fudge and sticky caramel, layered between moist cake—ice cream is the all-American summer dessert no matter how you scoop it. And though the great Blue Bell famine of 2015 draws to an end, we'd still rather be out exploring the colorful dessert shops within the city, each with an array of exciting ice cream inspired treats.

Located in the posh new retail strip on Morningside Dr. in Rice Village, Cloud 10 Creamery is a one-stop shop for all things ice cream. From single scoops to sundaes, the cozy cafe is a favorite among kids and adults alike. While the menu includes fresh-made waffle cones and toppings of every variety, Cloud 10 Creamery offers diners an over-the-top treat on Wednesdays. From 3 p.m. onward, you can indulge in a waffle sundae complete with fresh house-made waffles.

The waffle sundae changes from week to week in the way of flavors, but is available only until Cloud 10 sells out of waffles. Appropriately coined Waffle Wednesday, the made-for-sharing sundae has become a hit on social media as pictures of the extreme sundae go viral, getting at least some Houstonians (like me) through #HumpDay. Other popular specials featured daily on the menu at Cloud 10 include the Summer Sundae made with raspberry yogurt and topped with moist pieces of pistachio cake in vibrant hues of lime green. The Summer Sundae will remain on the menu for another two months, plenty of time for Houstonians to escape the heat and score an ice-cold treat.

Cloud 10 Creamery, 5216 Morningside Dr., 713-434-6129, cloud10creamery.com


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