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Happy Hour of the Week: Liberty Station

Belly up to this Washington Avenue watering hole, which hosts a different food truck every night.

By Katharine Shilcutt August 13, 2015

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Going to Liberty Station is like going to a party where someone hired a food truck and bought a bunch of great beer; they're charging you, sure, but you don't have to play nice with the host and no one cares if you ghost when you're ready to go.

Food truck parks may come and go, but those in the know can typically roll up to spots like the Museum of Fine Arts, Inversion and Liberty Station secure in the knowledge that there will [almost] always be a food truck on site from which to grab a quick bite.

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Tacos from Taco Nuts are on offer Thursday nights.

At Washington Avenue watering hole Liberty Station, food trucks are on constant rotation every single night of the week, with a steady schedule boasting Mingo's Latin Kitchen on Mondays, Buttz (in affiliation with the bar's weekly steak night) on Tuesdays, Toasted on Wednesdays and Taco Nuts on Thursdays (that's tonight!). Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are up for grabs, with different trucks making appearances as they're able to, but you can always count on being able to get interesting bar bites at Liberty as a result.

And what do bar bites pair best with? Beer. Duh. Luckily for you, Liberty Station has an incredibly generous daily happy hour from opening (that's 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 2 p.m. on Friday and noon on the weekends) until 7 p.m. During happy hour, all draft beer is $3.50—yes, even the really good stuff. As Liberty so succinctly puts it, there's "no crap on tap" here.

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Too hot outside? Quit whining and go indoors.

The laid back bar also offers specials on craft beer in cans (like the $3 Upslope IPAs and $3 New Belgium Session IPAs that were recently on sale), but look for cocktail deals too: in addition to happy hour pricing of $1 off all cocktails, you'll also usually find a few cocktail specials in the mix, such as $5 mimosas on Sundays and something called a Summer Sipper that combines vodka, strawberry and lemon into the smoothest way to suck down $9 on a hot day.

Summer Sippers and cheap draft beer should be enough to encourage you towards bravery, which—in this case—is facing Liberty Station's mostly outdoor seating on an August afternoon. Bonus: dog-owners are encouraged to bring along their pups. But if the warm picnic tables and searing sun prove too much for you, remember this: even though most people think of Liberty Station as a patio bar, it has indoor seating too. With comfortable couches and chairs. There's even a foosball table. And air-conditioning. And did we mention there's food every night?

Liberty Station, 2101 Washington Ave., 713-640-5220,


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