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Where to Grab a Free Cup of Joe for National Coffee Day

Bottoms up!

By Sara Samora September 29, 2015

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Some of us drink coffee because we like the taste; some of us drink coffee because we can’t even get dressed without drinking the first cup of the day, at least according to a Staples Advantage Workplace Index study. Regardless of why you're a coffee drinker, today is your day to celebrate—it's National Coffee Day.

According to legend, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi first noticed the energizing effects of coffee when his goats, who'd eaten the cherries off a nearby wild coffee bush, were so jolted by the fruit they couldn't sleep at night. But it was Arab traders who first cultivated and sold the coffee bean itself, according to the National Coffee Association. The caffeinated beverage was enjoyed at home and in public places, where ideas were exchanged and music and art were shared. These original coffee houses were called “Schools of the Wise.”

This National Coffee Day, get wise to some of the specials our own coffee houses are offering all day long:

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Black Sheep Agency is giving away its "Give a Damn" shirts at area coffee shops today.

For starters, the Black Sheep Agency is dropping off its "Give a Damn" t-shirts at some of their favorite coffee shops, including Blacksmith, Antidote, Boomtown, Catalina and Kraftsmen Café. To get a free shirt of your own, simply buy a coffee from one of these five spots and Tweet to @ShearCreativity with the hashtag #High5 to tell them what you give a damn about. (Unless you're the Rhett Butler type.) Act fast, though. The agency is only dropping off five shirts per coffee shop. However, keep checking the blog post to see the updated list of participating coffee shops.

For more free treats, check out the shops around town that are giving away a gratis cup of joe:

  • Krispy Kreme is offering a free glazed doughnut and a free cup of coffee at its location at 5603 Highway 6 North.
  • Pilot Flying J is offering a free cup of coffee at the following two locations, though you have to show the coupon on their Facebook page to get it: 4440 North McCarthy St. and 1876 East Freeway, Baytown
  • Dunkin Donuts is giving away a medium-size coffee, hot or iced. However, ask if your store is participating in National Coffee Day.
  • Whole Foods Market is selling cups of its Allegro Coffee for 25 cents, and for every cup sold, a dollar will be donated to the Whole Planet Foundation.

Last but not least, just check out Houstonia’s list of the city’s 10 Best Coffee Shops. While they may not be giving away free coffee, they will be brewing some damn good coffee to help you get through the day.



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