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The Marque Goes Public with Method

The members-only club in CityCentre opens its kitchen to the public with a new in-house restaurant.

By Andrea Siso October 13, 2015

Method at the marque agjayu

Method at The Marque will be open to the public as of October 15.

Although I’ve been to CityCentre dozens of times, I’d never been to, heard of, or seen The Marque, even though it's been open on the second level of the mixed-use development since 2012—but I suppose the limited visibility is part of its “private club” charm. Either way, after a visit to taste the new menu, designed to lure even more potential members to the Memorial-area club, I knew I would have to return.

Blue Point oysters poached in ginger butter and a slider filled with pork shoulder, bacon and prosciutto were only two of the mouth-watering highlights on that new menu, designed by chef Mark Cox (he of Montrose's famed Mark's American Cuisine) and up-and-coming chef Eric Aldis. A foie gras torchon absolutely melted on my tongue, but it was the lobster and lamb that were my unequivocal favorites of the night. In both cases, my taste buds compelled me to surgically strip away every morsel of meat off of claw and bone.

Marque lamb xutrsj

Lamb in a pinot noir sauce is among the best dishes at Method and The Marque.

Image: Andrea Siso

The hearth-roasted Canadian lobster was fresh and sweet, with a delicate flavor that was enhanced by a smoky, autumnal barigoule. Through the lamb dish, I was able to sample both shank and chop of tender and juicy meat, perfectly paired with roasted mushrooms and a rich pinot noir sauce. I felt as though I were at a royal banquet—the delectable and beautifully presented plates, the club’s luxe decorations and the subtly attentive, expert waitstaff all immersed me in a heavenly dining experience.

Although the menu was originally intended for The Marque’s members, the club announced this week that it would be opening a portion of its 15,000 square feet to the public. Method will begin serving dinner on October 15. That night, Method will host a grand opening celebration from 4 to midnight with specials on cocktails, beer, wine and small plates until 7 p.m. Those same small plates—also crafted by Cox and Aldis—will be on Method's menu, which will be served Wednesday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Saturday nights starting at 8.

The Marque, 798 Sorella Court, Suite 225,


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