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Only one more week until Thanksgiving and—hopefully—a few well-earned days off in a row. But until those days come, the brand-new Rico's Morning + Noon + Night in Midtown is here to help you get through this week by kicking your mornings off with a delicious deal.

Starting tomorrow, Rico's will be offering a $5 breakfast taco deal Monday through Friday from 7 to 11 a.m. Five bucks will get you any two breakfast tacos plus your choice of Katz coffee, orange juice or a fresh fruit smoothie. Rico's breakfast taco options include your standard line-up of egg and cheese; potato, egg and cheese; bacon, egg and cheese; and chorizo, egg and cheese. 

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Rico's is located at the corner of Bagby and Gray in the newly renovated Bagby Park  (you know, the one with the giant Midtown sign and "Before I Die" chalkboard), making it ideal for an early-morning open-air treat before heading into work—as long as the weather holds up this week.

Breakfast tacos not your jam? First of all, how dare you. Second of all, you'd better like Vietnamese food or else I'm not quite sure how much you'll enjoy living here. In that vein, Simply Pho—just down the street from Rico's at 2929 Milam—is offering a killer dine-in deal on Tuesdays: free Vietnamese iced coffee. Though it doesn't open until 10 a.m., a gratis cafe sua da is sure to help you beat the afternoon funk that can set in the week before a holiday, especially when paired with a hot bowl of pho.


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